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December 29, 2005

As the World Turns

A couple more revolutions around the sun and we'll be in another year. How about that!? As an unabashed pre-millenialist, I remember wondering if my youngest son, born in 1979, would even be in school before the Rapture of the Church. I have to admit that I bought the book, 88 Reasons Why Jesus Will Return in 1988. Then I read an article that stated reasons (including info about a shift in numbered days when calculating days changed from calendar to calendar) why Jesus could arrive as soon as 1993. As the new millennium approached with its attending hysteria over Y2K, I wavered between concern and expectation. Surely with the 4000 years between Adam and Jesus and the 2000 years since Jesus was on the earth and figuring for His 1000 year reign we'd be a perfect 7000 years, we'd hear the trumpet just as the lighted ball hit the bottom of the pole at Times Square...that is if we hadn't already been caught up when it was the New Year in Israel. Well, here we sit and it's coming up on 2006 already!
Am I being callous or disrespectful? Nope, just considering that though the church is still here under the mandate to "occupy", we're closer to seeing Jesus than we were when we were born. We're closer than my grandmother was when she looked expectantly for the Lord's return. We're closer than when my folks were alive and telling me that they believed that my generation would see the catching away as Israel and I were both born in 1948. With every trip around the sun, I believe we draw closer to that great and wonderful Day of the Lord. It's an awesome thought for sure!

December 28, 2005


There are things that define us whether we want them to or not. Our "good name", our "reputation", our "kind deeds"...these are things we'd like to be remembered for. Some people get to know us by our routines, our likes (or dislikes), our jobs, or maybe even the places we go. An interesting case in point happened to us a few days before Christmas.

We have a cousin who, with her husband and/or assorted family members, always does the most interesting things and travels to the most interesting places. This year it was Central and South America. For Christmas, their Christmas card recipients received a glorious picture of said cousin and her husband in Chile with some of the locals...a great picture I might add! Where it gets interesting is where we took possession of this card. It didn't come to our house or my place of business, Lawyers Title in League City. It was addressed to Mike and Sara Lacy, Alamo Title, League City. It wound up being delivered to the American Legion Post in League City. Now, I also received a Christmas card yesterday from my nephew and niece which was delivered late because they put #47 instead of #46 on the envelope. Such a minor mistake delayed delivery by a week. But the other card arrived way early. What was the difference?

As it turns out, the postal workers here were going crazy trying to find an Alamo Title in League City. There isn't one. League City has 4 title companies but the only Alamo Title is across the lake in Clear Lake City. One of the mailmen looked at the name and saw "Mike and Sara Lacy." As luck would have it, he's the postman for our Post and said he could get it to us. While I certainly appreciate the extra effort, it was a little humbling to know that we could get this wayward card because the postman knew which local bar to find us in. I may not get over this soon...but the card was cool!!

December 25, 2005

Christmas A.M. ~ 2005

Merry Christmas! I slept until about 8:00 this morning. You can do that once the kids are grown providing they haven't come home with grandchildren for the holidays. I miss those sleepy Christmas mornings watching the kids bright eyes take in the Santa loot left under the tree while waiting for the coffee to kick in. It's just not the same without the joy of the 10 and under crowd! As it is, I woke up to coffee and the newspaper and the Three Stooges on TV...Mikey beat me to the remote!!
Mikey gave me a present. This is the first year I actually didn't get him anything because we agreed we wouldn't until after Christmas. He cheated!!! But I'm grateful for the new blouse and slacks he and Jeff gave me. It's the first time he's bought me clothes in years. The last time he did, he got me a pair of slacks and a couple of tops in a size medium. I still have them hanging in the closet. I was so touched that he thought I was a size medium that I never took them back. One day I'll wear them!!! This year, he got the blouse the right size and I'm not commenting on the size of the slacks. If they fit, I'm wiring my mouth shut until the weight comes off. Woe be unto him if he really thinks I'm that big and they don't fit! Stay tuned!
James and his family were still opening presents when we called them. We'll see Joe and Faith in a couple of hours. We're eating fried shrimp with them...mmm! Jeff checked in from Tennessee early this morning and said he's doing well up there but missed being here with us for Christmas. All is well in the Lacy household.
Peace may not be evident in all the world, but it's a good day in my little corner of it. God bless us everyone!

December 23, 2005

Let It Go, Let It Go, Let It Go

Being financially challenged this Christmas might have been a blessing in disguise for me. As a child, I remember Mom and Dad loading up our Christmas tree with all sorts of stuff. We had a bonanza of gifts under the tree and Santa was always generous. Maybe they were influenced by their Depression Era experiences and wanted us to have what they didn't get. Maybe they just liked wrapping stuff up. Whatever their motivation, I came away with the idea that Christmas was about Jesus and presents, my two favorite things. I did the same thing with the boys. I can still hear Mike, in a futile attempt to be the voice of reason, tell me to hold the spending down. He would suggest things like a few toys and clothes. Right! Throwing caution and credit limits to the wind, I'd hit Toys R Us and Target and our Christmas morning would duplicate the memory I had from childhood. Lots and lots of lots and lots!!

This year, I didn't have such options and I began to think of what a great holiday this would be if we took out the gift quotient altogether. Think of all of the stress that would be eliminated. No shopping, no wrapping, no obscene debt in January, no guilt if presents weren't given for whatever reason, no worrying about the recipients liking what you chose. All that would be left is seeing relatives, going to church, eating big family meals, reflecting on the Reason for the Season. Some might call that "Thanksgiving" and they would be right. That could be why I enjoy Thanksgiving so much. Maybe it's time for me to rethink this gift giving thing. Make up for a lesser gift at Christmas with a bigger birthday gift and spread the spending across the year. Do as some families do and draw names. Ask friends to take me off of their own lists. I'm not being grinchy by proposing no more gifting. I am suggesting that the importance of gift giving be brought down to a manageable level so that the message of Christmas is shining bright once again.

December 22, 2005

Intelligent Resign

Well, a judge has decided that the "Intelligent Design" theory can't be legally taught in school as it violates the separation of church and state. Isn't that nice? I'm sure the founding fathers are just spinning in their graves! In light of the world news...whether you can believe all of it or not...I would think that mankind would be flocking to the intelligent Design/Higher Power/God As You Understand Him ideology. I'm speaking here in broad generalities of course, but I'm glad to have faith in God Almighty and His word that proclaims that He's in control. I'm glad that I have promises for His blessings to overtake me and for my children, who are taught of the Lord, to have great peace.

Is the world really going to hell in a handbasket? Seems that way. I think if you talked to some 80 and 90 year olds they would tell you that life today is hugely different from what they knew growing up in the early part of the 20th century. We've seen an explosion of knowledge in every area of science and industry. You'd think that would be a good thing! Until you hear about man harnessing the ability to create test tube lives and instigate death as an act of mercy. You'd think that our instant access to the world would be wonderful until you read about a child kidnapped by an online predator. You'd think that tolerance would be a desirable trait until you witness someone who's religion we honor beheading one of our own countrymen over religious differences.

I don't want to be in this world if there's not an Intelligent Designer in heaven directing our world toward His perfectly planned outcome. I admire the advances made by my fellow humans. However, without the Devine touch, it's just cold science. While science benefits humanity, it doesn't express comfort, encourage my heart, or love me. A world of science only? I'd rather resign!!

December 21, 2005

10 More Shopping Days!

There are only ten days left in 2005 and I'm serving notice that it's time to start shopping around for New Year's resolutions. I've talked to so many people that are ready for this year to just get on down the road so they can have a fresh start in 2006. I've given this some thought because frankly, I'm feeling the same way. 2005 will go down as the year that I didn't lose weight, make more money or win the lottery. I'm beginning to think it's going to take more than turning the page on a calendar for these things happen in my life.

My new plan of action is to change my focus. I sometimes actually listen to what I'm saying, and alot of it, way too much of it, is negative. Rather that approaching the situations in my life and racing to the worst possible outcome, I think I'll start believing for the best. After all, like one of my favorite songs says, "Sunday's a-comin'." I knew a lady once who always answered her phone with "What's wrong?" Before anyone had even said anything!! I don't want to look at life that way. Resolution #1 is, "get happy."

Resolution #2 is, "do it differently." I've heard that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. My goodness, someone get the net! I'm changing my focus to new paths and new directions to go with my new happy attitude. I won't be able to sit in front of the television for hours on end, which has been my escape mechanism this year. It hasn't helped my life, but I can carry on a conversation about Wisteria Lane and a bunch of med students with ease. I may suffer withdrawal here, but I'm determined to do it differently!

Moving along, my last resolution, which is really first in importance, is to quit helping Jesus! When the boys were little, they were always anxious to help me bake. Maybe it was the novelty of me baking at all, but the kitchen and cookie dough held a strong fascination for them and they wanted to be a part of the production. I'd let them sift and stir and taste-test the results, but as you can guess, they were technically in the way and slowed the process down. I'm sure the Lord feels like that towards me on occasion when He's trying to "perfect the things that concern me" and I'm jumping up and down wanting to get involved. This year, my focus will be on letting Him have His way. That may be the hardest thing to do and the reason I mention it last. To not tell Jesus how to fix me, my family, and the world in general will be the greatest test of all.

Check back with me here, same time next year, and I'll let you know how 2006 went!...and it wouldn't hurt to say a prayer for me either!!!

December 19, 2005

Receiving Ain't Bad!

Thinking back over Christmases past, I'm remembering my favorite gifts. Well, I'm remembering the ones I remember. I've forgotten alot of the good stuff I'm sure. There are a few that stand out and it's brain candy for me to go back and think about the surprise, the happiness and the giver.

My first thing I actually remember getting was a black cocker spaniel that we appropriately named, "Blackie." When I woke up Christmas morning, I went running down the hall and stepped in a pile of poop. I smelled my gift before I ever saw it. We lived over on Adams street and without a fenced yard, it wasn't long before Blackie disappeared. The next treat was a radio. I must have been five and still young enough to get as big a kick out of looking at the glow from the tubes on the inside as hearing the music from the outside. I received a stuffed pink cat from Big Mama that was stuffed with that straw/hay shredded stuff; nowhere near the soft stuffed critters offered to kids today. Bibles with my name printed on the front were always favorites with my all time Bible favorite coming from Mikey. He bought me the right version I wanted and signed it from him and the boys. In 1966, I received one of the biggest & engagement ring. Didn't take long for the luster to wear off the relationship tho. Next in line was a beautiful white robe. Neiman Marcus had a gorgeous white mink bathrobe in their obscene price section of their catalog and I was lusting in my heart big time! Mom found this really nice white fuzzy robe and got it for me...we had a good laugh. I wouldn't take money for the great craft things from the boys that have survived all these years. What mother doesn't need a cigar boxed covered in sparkling gold macaroni to keep the family jewels safe? Fast forwarding to last year, my favorite gift was a picture of the grandkids in a magnetic frame for the fridge complete with buttons glued on so well that a year later, not one is missing! Friends have added to my collection of small Santas and angels and I can tell you who gave me each one.

It's better to give than to receive...I know that. Still, special gifts from special people have an enduring quality not to be overlooked when spending a few minutes with a cup of cocoa and your memories. Here's wishing you a stocking full this year!

December 15, 2005

Oh, Tannenbomb

As long as I can remember, getting the Christmas tree was one of the best, if not THE best, thing about Christmas. Mom and Dad would load up the four of us and we'd head out into the modern day forest of Christmas tree lots. We didn't have a favorite lot in particular, and many times we'd shop several before we found the perfect tree. I loved the smell whether it came from the needles on the trees or the needles I scooped up by the handsful from the ground. At once I was Heidi looking out of Grandfather's loft window at the snow-iced pines surrounding his chalet. Back to reality with Alice, Janet, and Jody racing up and down the aisles of Douglas firs calling for Mom and Dad to come look at the tree they'd found. It was quite an honor to be the "Selector of the Tree"'d have thought it came with a monetary prize! Dad would grab the tree by the top and spin it around so Mom could check for bare spots. After finding the one with the fewest flaws, Dad would fork over $2.50 and we'd head back home for a decorating session complete with a box of silver icicles for each one of us. We had as many in our hair at the end of the decorating as we did on the tree; nothing like an icicle fight to get you in the holiday spirit! The lights were the big ones with a strand or two of Big Mama's bubbling lights. If you squinted your eyes, they took on a magical aura. The night ended with eggnog and pallets on the floor so we could sleep underneath the most beautiful Christmas tree in Harlingen. Maybe not Currier and Ives, but not bad for the Johnsons.
Today, with row upon row of perfectly shaped trees, the whole experience has been reduced to finding one where the needles are still green and soft. They all look alike. The only variance is in the type of tree (I don't ever remember seeing a Scotch pine growing up in South Texas)and the outrageousness of the price tag. We were challenged to find a tree with shape, size, and price for our corner in the living room. Now, it's just grab and go...any goofball with a large bank account can have a perfect tree. Where's the thrill of the hunt? I challenge anyone today to go with me to find an old fashioned fir for $2.50 that will have as many fond memories!!

December 13, 2005

Recommended Reading

You're gonna laugh, but I want to take a minute to let you know about one of my favorite reading resources. I stumbled across my first little jewel at the Half Price Book Store (a great place by the way). I only have three of these treasures, but I intend to collect more because they're fun, the chapters are short, and I've already read through mine several times. I'm referring, of course, to Uncle John's Bathroom Readers, a cross between Reader's Digest and Mad Magazine. There are several. Their subjects are many and they keep the writing lively. You also have an opportunity to learn alot of interesting things through their articles, quotes, and lists. You can become a veritable Cliff Claven of facts no one really cares about by studying the pages.

For instance, you might like to know that crossword puzzles didn't exist before December 21, 1913 or that glass never wears out and can be recycled forever. Famous quotes include Richard Nixon telling his aides that "kicking the press is an art" (1972). On the health front, you'd be surprised to discover that you can't spread poison ivy by touch. A list of redundancies such as "baby calf" or "first priority" are really dumb when you think about them. You can learn the history of time capsules and Saturday Night Live along with how Tarzan and King Kong came into being. Do you know how much you'd weigh at the exact center of the earth?...nothing! Did you know that pasturization was developed as a method to keep wine from spoiling? Thomas Edison preferred to read in Braille though he wasn't blind. According to Uncle John, more people are killed by donkeys every year than are killed in plane crashes! Aren't you feeling smarter already?

The Bathroom Readers intended to keep you entertained in Uncle John's favorite room in the house, but they're right handy to keep by the bed for quick reading before you fall asleep. Carry smaller versions along on those trips to the doctor or dentist when you'll be cooling your heels in the waiting room. And trust me, they're like potato won't be able to read just one! **You're welcome!**
(My apologies to the Bathroom Readers Institute for any copyright infringements.)

December 8, 2005

God Rest Ye Merry

I had a hard time falling asleep last night. I'm not sure if it was the cold, the holiday stuff I keep obsessing about, or the coffee candy I ate about 4 o'clock...maybe a little bit of it all. I tried counting sheep, watching The Tonight Show (is it just me or are Jay and that dopey Kevin just not funny), prayers for me and the family and the immedidate world, and finally (after two hours) got up and chemically treated the problem. It didn't help any that Mikey was right next to me sound asleep with his snoring punctuated by whatever that other noise is that he makes. Not a care in the world, just like a baby, pure heart & pure mind maybe.

As I was letting the shower bring me back to life this morning, I was thinking about how this problem plagues me from time to time. I was trying to plot a new strategy for the next time it happens as I don't like to rely on pills. They make me drag up the next day. I over compensate with more coffee which can put me into a terrible sleep/wake rhythm. My system is very delicate you know.

Driving to work, out of the blue, the line from the Christmas carol flashed through my foggy brain, "God rest you merry, gentlemen." I'd learned awhile back that the phrase wasn't "God rest you merry gentlemen" with the "merry" being an adjective for "gentlemen." It's a request for God to allow us to rest with happy hearts. "Let nothing you dismay." We can do this when we "remember Christ, our Savior, was born on Christmas Day." Whoop...there it is!! He came to "save us all from Satan's power when we were gone astray," so I don't even have to have been a good little girl. God loved me anyway. "Oh tidings of comfort and joy!!"

May God rest us all merry tonite!!

December 7, 2005

Outdated Outrage

If you ask alot of people what today is, most would likely respond that it's Wednesday, or December 7th, or 28 days until Christmas. Younger students might not know anything beyond that, older folk could tell you that it's Pearl Harbor Day, a day that will live in infamy.

I looked up the word infamy and it's described in Webster's dictionary as an "evil reputation brought about by something grossly criminal, shocking, or brutal" and "an extreme and publicly known criminal or evil act." I think the surprise attack that brought us into WWII with it's wide swath of death and destruction could be considered infamous. The American citizenry was solidified into actions that included sending young men and women into harm's way, sacrificing personal comforts, women going to work, and recycling on a grand scale. Who wouldn't have loved a chocolate bar or a pair of silk stockings or new tires? We couldn't believe that any nation would have the nerve to come against us. Well, they did and we were outraged. We immediately went to war in two theaters and fought long and hard for 4 years.

Today, with the equally infamous attack at the World Trade Center, we're outraged, but not enough to commit our whole military. We're sacrificing, but squealing over the price of gas. We've gone to work, but many have been replaced with their jobs being moved to foreign countries who don't necessarily agree with us and aren't willing to do battle with us against our enemies. Recycling is still being done mostly by "tree huggers" and I stand guilty as can be on this issue. I'm not just throwing rocks at other people.

Maybe infamy is a word lost in the search to understand what prompts such behavior. Maybe outrage is better described as hate. Maybe we're becoming lemmings after all in the quest for political correctness. It is possible to have become that desensitized? What does that auger for the world my grandchildren will live in? I'm grateful for the sacrifices made by the Generation that Saved the World. If you're out there, I salute you on this infamous day.

December 6, 2005

What Makes Christmases Bright?

I've had a hard time getting excited about Christmas this year. Not the Jesus part. I've always loved the season for the Nativity, the wonder of God taking on the form of man, the shepherds, angels, music. That part I look forward to.

Anything else, decorations, shopping, trees, even the cookies have lost some of their charm over the years. Am I becoming a Scrooge? A Grinch? It occurred to me that it wasn't that I don't like these holiday trappings, I just don't have small children living at home anymore. The two small children that make me smile are building their own traditions in their own home now. That's the way it should be. I can't help missing the Christmases with the boys though. They would get wound up tighter than a Christmas monkey in the weeks leading up to the Big Day. Their lists for Santa began around Halloween. We'd bake and decorate one batch of sugar cookies...that was about all the mess I could handle. We had so much fun. We had few other traditions...we'd drink eggnog and sleep under the Christmas tree the first night it was up. Each year the boys got a new ornament so that when they married, they'd have a set to start their own Christmases with. Meals were semi-traditional. One year we had steaks and one year they wanted hamburgers (that was easy!). Christmas Eve they opened one gift which was always (and is always) pajamas.

I need that excitement that only children bring to the holidays. I wrote the grandkids a letter today telling them how surprised they were going to be with the present we're giving them. They love getting mail and writing that note inspired me. Think I'll send another one or two leading up to Christmas. This is going to be a fun Christmas after all!

December 1, 2005

Flash Point

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I only made one mistake this year. I forgot to practice my overeating skills. Thanksgiving dinner and the second helping of dressing nearly did me in. I didn't even eat leftovers for supper or a piece of pie until the next day. Next year, I'll have to remember to overeat during the week leading up to Thanksgiving. I was miserable!!
I covered alot of Texas over the long weekend. It occurred to me that we've lost alot of our road etiquette over the years and I hate to see that happen. There used to be more of an esprit de corp when you shared the highways. Looking out for one another included helping fix flats or offering to go ahead and send back help if you passed someone staring blankly at their smoking engine. It was nothing to go get a few gallons of gas for the stranded brother on the side of the road. But my favorite form of gallantry was the flashing headlight maneuver. It was always great fun to have someone flash their lights a time or two letting you know that there was a radar trap ahead. Dad would gratefully flash his lights back as confirmation that he received the warning and to say thanks. Sure enough, a mile or two up the road there would be a black and white looking for those speeders to help them meet their quota. We'd beaten the system again!
This trip though, there were "bears" all over the place with it being the holidays and not one person ever flashed me...not one!! I was flashing like a Christmas tree with a new string of lights, but even doing that for the oncoming speeders didn't net me one flash of gratitude! Lord help me if I'd run out of gas or had a smoking engine.
I'm putting the world on watch!!! of 2006, I'm not flashing ever again. I know, you might think it won't be the same safe world, but the only thing I'm flashing from here on out is a friendly grin!

November 26, 2005

Thoughts on Thanksgiving

I had some really great food over the weekend! I can't decide if it's because I didn't have to cook a big meal or if I just like turkey and dressing...probably a little of both. I watched my daughter-in-law fix dressing her way and noticed that it was considerably better than mine. I was so glad I didn't try to impose my recipe! She's a great cook and my son is indeed fortunate to have had the wisdom to choose her as his bride! He eats well! She and Hannah had made corn husk dolls which composed the centerpiece of our table. Even the napkins were graciously gathered by green satin bows. Nice presentation!!
Fredericksburg was ready for the seasons...I pluralized that because there were decorations up for Thanksgiving, banners and signs for holiday craft shows, Christmas everywhere, and every third person I passed was wearing camouflage clothing. Deer hunters were being welcomed to the area on every restaurant and motel marquee. We saw plenty of deer on the way over...most were standing out in a field but there were also a few on the side of the road. They make up almost as much roadkill in the hill country as armadillos do down south.
I lost a dear cousin-in-law over Thanksgiving and couldn't get my ducks back in a row to attend the funeral. I'm sorry he's gone but glad he's not in pain. He's found my mom and several other relatives by now and I'm sure they have a poker game going...if we get to play poker in heaven. I get a little more "homesick" with the passing of every family member and friend who gets to heaven ahead of me.
If you watched the UT/AM game, your heart had to race a time or two no matter whether you were hooking 'em or gigging 'em. Great game!
Nothing much else to say...just a few thoughts from Thanksgiving 2005. Pray for my preacher friend in Ethiopia if you think of it...he does good work!

November 23, 2005

Walk a Mile in His BrunoMagli's

This morning I'm feeling so much pity for Tom Cruise! What?...sorrow for an ultra rich movie actor with a gorgeous girl, great career, and tolerably easy on the eyes? Yep, I say I'm feeling pity for the poor dear.

You see, as Christmas approaches, I'm stewing here over who needs to stay on my gift list, what gift will I give them, and how I will pay for all this stuff. Not such a big deal. The kids love books and toys (no underwear, please), Jeff will always take $$$, Mike is content with a carton of cigarettes or new socks. My Christmas is pretty mundane in the gift giving department.

But poor Tom...what a crisis he's had to face this season!! He's pretty much tapped out his creative resources when it comes to gift giving. He's given Katie a child (out of wedlock but isn't that splitting hairs these days?), a 20 million dollar jet (who wouldn't love one of those in the driveway) so what could he do to top that? I heard this morning that he thought of something! He's buying Katie her very own ultrasound machine! In a gesture of charity, he's noted that it will be donated to a hospital somewhere when they're through with it. How nice. The baby will now be bombarded with soundwaves whenever mom and dad want to take a looksee. Can't a baby get any privacy anymore? I'm not sure if it's even healthy for a baby to have soundwaves shot at them on a whim. Maybe there's a doctor or nurse out there that will weigh in on that aspect.

As it is, just when I thought I had gift giving issues, I can face Christmas knowing I don't have to think of a gift to top an ultrasound machine or a jet for that special someone on my list. Ahh, I love this season!!!

November 22, 2005

My Favorite Things

Yesterday afternoon was Oprah's "Favorite Things" show. We had thought we might waste a few minutes watching but we had a closing and had to do what they actually pay us for. So I missed seeing what Oprah's faves were for 2005. It did make me think about what my favorite things are. What with it being Thanksgiving and the Christmas season already being sung about, I made a list of MY favorite things. I'm leaving Jesus off the list as He's naturally #1, family is #2, freedom #3. I'm really talking about much more mundane things that make my life happy and bring a smile to my face.
1. Daisies - there's something about daisies in a garden that makes me happy
2. Prisms - I think from the first time I saw Pollyanna, I've loved prisms; I even like saying the word, "prism". I love the rainbows they make.
3. Cellophane paper - from along time ago. It was fun to look through and it tasted funny. Why I ever put it in my mouth, I'll never know.
4. Pins - there were these little pins in the form of clothes pins and you clipped them on the collars of your blouses. I loved those things! Circle pins too!
5. My kids VBS and school work. Still have some of their ornaments.
6. Fizzies - I think I liked the root beer the best.
7. Eating off campus at Foster Tebbe's grocery store - elementary kids were turned loose to leave the campus at Travis and go eat there or at Dairy Queen. I can still taste those hot dogs and cokes...$.15 for both!...and money left over for candy!!
8. Little Women - loved the book and both of the movies
9. End time eschatology - I was born the same year as Israel. I'm looking up and I love to talk about it, read about it, and listen to sermons about it.
10. Oven toast - nothing else comes close!
11. Singing - I'll be croaking along with Lawrence Welk in a nursing home in my 90's.
12. Bright clothes - love it more if it has a sequin on it!
13. Going to sleep with easy listening (elevator) music - John Tesh rocks!
14. Sheets dried on a clothes line
15. Swings
16. Starbucks Caramel Macchiato (sic?)
17. Driving by myself
18. Walking on the beach - hate doing it anywhere else
19. Sweet iced tea with mint
20. Being right! - best feeling ever!!!

I've got more I'm sure, but you get the idea. That's the wonderful thing about blogging, I've got the platform to go on and on and on. Be grateful I stopped with just 20!

November 21, 2005

Sticking with Fish

A fairly new friend of mine was explaining the reasons for Eastern Orthodox Christians starting advent early and other sundry things this morning. He mentioned fasting. Growing up Baptist, I don't remember learning or hearing much about fasting. Being pretty fundamental, most things were sin except for eating (well, not the gluttony part) so we did that...alot. There wasn't alot of talk about dietary restrictions either. Except for one.

In the school cafeteria at Travis Elementary, Friday was always fish stick day. The Catholic kids couldn't eat meat so we all got fish sticks. Everybody ate them, the Baptists, the Lutherans, the Methodists, even Johnny Bedri, the lone Jewish boy in my class. I don't recall thinking much about it. We knew we had them because of the Catholic kids, but it was just the way things were. There wasn't anyone complaining about all the fish sticks or why we ate them or whether or not God was happy/unhappy with the arrangement. We just did it.

Were we politically correct in our tolerance of eating fish sticks? Were we pushing one religion's meat ban down every little WASP throat? Were we incorrect because we allowed the obvious mixing of church and state in school cafeterias? I think we just did it to get along. It's a shame we can't do that today. We seem to tolerate everything but common sense when it comes to the things of God. And may God help us if we kick Him any further to the curb in our schools. We'll be lucky to get fish sticks!!

November 16, 2005

In This Corner...

Last night I had a new adventure, I went three rounds with a stinkbug. I think that's what it was. It was shaped like an old time shield and had a pointy nose. It was David and Goliath, but Goliath and an old TV guide won the match this time.

I heard him before I saw him. Getting ready for work yesterday morning, I found him seemingly trapped in the cover to the overhead light in my little TV room. Mikey likes to leave the doors open to catch the breeze and the little nuisance must have flown in by mistake and been unable to find his way outdoors again. I started to spray him then but was in a hurry and figured he might get lucky and disappear before I got home. Last night while watching "My Name is Earl", I heard him flying again. Drat! There went my concentration on the plot to Earl as I searched for the bug. I found an old TV guide in the trash can. Properly armed (I thought) I sneaked up on him as he lit on the closet door and WHAP, WHAP, WHAP!!! He fell to the floor. Good eye, good aim! I went back to Earl. Not ten minutes later, I see the same bug climbing up my pole lamp. I hadn't killed the beastie, I'd only knocked him out!!

Again, I reached for my trusty TV guide and whacked him again. Again he fell motionless to the floor and I gave him another couple of shots to make sure I killed him this time. Figured I'd clean up the mess during a commercial. Earl was winding up and now I guess I'm going to have to catch the rerun as I missed some funny stuff. I segued into "The Office" which is only mildly amusing compared to Earl. I was getting up to go get ice cream and would you believe??!! That darned bug is crawling up the light pole again. What a stupid bug going back to the scene of the crime!! This time I was ready. After giving him a couple of sharp slaps with my weapon, he fell to the floor. I tore a page out of the TV guide and squished what was left of his little life out in 14 different directions and threw him in the trash.

As Boston Legal came on, I sat in my chair warmed by my final victory and surrounded by an awful stench. I guess he got me after all...did I mention he was a stinkbug?

November 14, 2005

To Know, Know, Know Me......

Several years ago, someone told me that high schoolers in a creative writing class were asked to write their obituary. That's rather morbid, but I'm sure it made the kids stop and think about what they had accomplished. I had to do something similar the past few days. I was asked to submit an article and write a brief biography to accompany it. The article wasn't too terribly taxing, but the biography!!!...I had to look over my whole life and pick out the good stuff. For some reason, I felt a wave of modesty that was completely out of character for me. After 57 years, I had to look back at what I've accomplished and write it down. It was harder than I imagined. There are no letters or titles after my name. I was never a candidate for "Who's Who." I deal more in the area of "What's What." What HAVE I been doing all this time?

My bio tried to portray my finer qualities. Shoot, it was hard to think of more than one, but I'm told I can be amusing. I had to appear interesting but not pompous. People who know me well, know I love to be pompous, makes me feel superior. I tend to agree. But I don't know about admitting to that in an open forum. Putting it in print is another ball of wax. What if someone reads it and laughs? What if I forget the one really great thing I'd like to be remembered for? What IS the one great thing I'd like to be remembered for? The scrutiny is unbelievable!!

I've decided that this was way too draining. My dreams of writing that great American novel are now behind me. I couldn't take the pressure of the jacket cover. And I'll leave my obit to my friends!!

November 11, 2005

Love Freedom?...hug a Vet!!

My daddy was a red, white and blue flag waver from the get go. Over and over we heard of his adventures on the U.S.S. Mississippi. I think he said he loaded the big shells in the cannons mounted in turrets. Once, they were indirectly hit and when he looked over at his buddy, the buddy's eye was hanging out of it's socket. They both recovered, but every time the weather would change, Dad would rub his shoulder, his "war wound." I think he was always a little sorry that his shoulder had just been dislocated...he'd have loved to have had a scar to show off. He talked about the fellow sailors who lost their lives and painted word pictures of sunset burials at sea . I have one letter that he wrote from his ship shortly after they'd been hit and he talks about what good men they lost. It was Christmas Day, 1944. He'd been to church and was looking forward to lunch. You could tell he missed being at home. Besides the stories, I remember him singing us awake with
"Rally 'Round the Flag" or "There's a Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere." We learned early on about Gold Star mothers as old Aunt Deely's son had died in a submarine. We went to church with her. Her boy signed up with Dad and some other friends. They all wanted submarine duty but Aunt Deely's son was the only one who got assigned to a sub. They all came home from the war.

Unlike WWII, we get to debate and second guess our commanders-in-chief and generals and admirals and such. We get to watch skirmishes and battles every night on the news. We're able to see a smart bomb hit it's target in real time, just like if we were on the battlelines. I guess that's all right, I appreciate freedom of the press. I have to wonder, though, if we haven't become desensitized and a little jaded with the magnitude of having Americans fighting and dying; like it's some video game we can turn off after the 10 o'clock news and sleep well without another thought.

I'm glad that Dwight D. Eisenhower signed Veteran's Day into being in 1954. It gives us one day to be reminded to thank those Veterans still alive who put their lives on hold for months or years so that we CAN sleep well in our own beds at night. Veterans from WWII are passing away at the rate of 1500 per day. If you know a veteran, spend a little time with them this weekend. Tell them thanks and listen to their stories. They're a precious American treasure!!

November 10, 2005

First Things First

Well, the Nov 8th election is over, my cold isn't, and I'm in a mood to whine a bit. Check back tomorrow if you're not in the mood to listen.

I went and stood in two pretty long lines to cast my ballot because I fiddled around and didn't early vote. One of the propositions was to approve funding to reroute trains. I voted against it. I'm not saying that getting trains out of the hearts of major cities in Texas isn't important. I've spent my time sitting in rush hour traffic while these locomotive snails inched across congested roads and streets. I appreciate their function in our society. Waiting on trains is part of the price I pay to be able to go to my favorite WalMart and buy stuff cheap.

I think our legislature (you can include state and federal here) needs a short course in prioritizing. I have to do it every day. If I have a $20 bill and I can buy my prescriptions or dust cloths, I have to make a choice as to which is the greater need at the moment. If someone has tracked mud into the kitchen and I need to wipe the blades on my ceiling fans, I make another choice as to which is more pressing. Can't we expect the same from the people we elect and the projects we support? I'm sure we need to reroute the trains. We also have a crisis in school funding. Is this the best time to start digging up money for new train trails? I'm sad to hear that the funding for I-69 is not forthcoming or has been delayed but we've got roads already...I believe 281 runs from the Valley practically to Canada. Let's take care of the poor, the schools, the veterans, the children and then worry about rerouting trains, planes and automobiles! that off my chest! Now for my next priority...lunch!

November 9, 2005

Too Cute!

Our precious market rep just reported in passing that she just doesn't feel cute today and asked me if I had days like that. Days??? I looked her over. She's young, has long dark hair, the kind of eyes that romance novelists describe in paragraphs, and a smile big as Texas. I made a quick assessment and voted on her shoes/boots as being the offending factor of her "cute" quotient. They're clunky and round toed but comfortable. Back in the 20's or 30's, flappers looked cute in round toed shoes. I have old pictures of my dad's seven sisters wearing them. But I've never liked the style and having small feet, they made me look funny. I associate round toes with ugly saddle oxfords and orthopedic lace-ups.

I don't think too much about being cute these days. If my lipstick is on straight, I'm set to go. I remember feeling cute once in high school at the Senior Candy Dance (where we sold boxes of candy to raise money for polio or March of Dimes or something). I was a go-go dancer and we had these red sheath dresses with white fringe shimmying along the hemlines. I felt really cute that night. The cutest I believe I ever looked was at least 30 years ago...maybe closer to 35. I'd bought a darling slack set at the Diana Shop. It was white and had textured daisies on the top with colored centers. With my multi-colored flats and frosted hair, I felt "cute" with a capital C.

These days I've traded cute for comfort, elegance for elastic, and haute couture for hot flashes. I think I should make a run for cute at least once more. Maybe that 40th class reunion coming up. I'll work on that.

November 7, 2005

Tier Drops

I was catching up on my Monday morning blogs and was reading anonymous of my favorites! He was doing a Q & A session with some of the fan mail he gets. One question was from someone who said that they attended a third tier law school and could they apply for a job with the anonymous law firm. Anonymous lawyer said don't bother.

It made me curious as to why anyone would attend a third tier law school, which university has a third tier rating, and who sets the ratings. If you know that you'll spend two extra years at a third rate school and the good jobs go to first and maybe second tier graduates, why bother? What are your alternatives? Do you become an ADA? Do you work for an altruistic organization?...hang your own shingle perhaps? I would think that if your tests scores don't get you to the top, why not find some other field that you can excel in? Why not apply to be a top flight para-legal?

I know that engineers like to have those UT or TAM sheepskins. Teachers wannabes used to flock to San Marcos because it was "first tier". Now I hear that San Marcos has a great art department also and they've dropped "Teachers" from their old name of STSTC. When it's all said and done, $$$ is still $$$ and I'd want to get the biggest bang for my buck. I don't know that spending all the time and money on a third tier school is such a good deal.

Of course, this is coming from a college student of one semester at a 29th tier college with a C in French! What do I know?

November 3, 2005

It's Snot Funny!

I'm fighting a cold, or flu, or allergies or sinuses...with the same success the Astroes had fighting the White Sox. I don't know why people continue to flock to regions that are highly polluted by nature or by men and tolerate this stuff! But I did and so have alot of other people who come sneezing and snorting into my office each day. I think my congestion might just be a late summer cold (I do most things late). I haven't been prone to allergies before. I asked my mother once why none of her kids had allergies when so many of our friends did. Some of them even had to take shots. She said we were too poor to have allergies. Suited me...didn't like shots anyway. Hopefully this will be over soon...I'm not in the mood to be sick. Shoot, I'm not even in the mood to whine about it. I'm taking two aspirin and I'll write you in the morning!

November 2, 2005

Advertising Adjustment Needed

Lately I'm experiencing a few unpleasant side effects of aging. Nothing life threatening mind you, but little changes that remind me I'm not 21 anymore...or 31 or 41 or 51! I'm wearing glasses and fully understand the oneliner, "You know you're old when you can go without sex but not your glasses." I can still hear, but it's important that you speak clearly to me or your words are just so much white noise. I'm not alone. I'm part of that great, aging mob affectionately referred to as Baby Boomers. As a group, we're still a huge financial boost to the economy having begun to retire and have our bills paid...mostly. I say this because I don't think Madison Avenue has clicked to the fact that people with the most disposable income have special needs.

For one thing, do away with the fine print. We can't see it. Have you noticed a fairly new phenomenon of prescription ads with two pages of very fine print which extols the virtues of the product along side the warnings? Who are they kidding? I'd like to meet the person who can read that without a magnifying glass. And I'd like to shake hands with the person who understands it. If I'm paying all that money to go to the doctor, HE should be telling me this stuff in simple terms. I'm paying exorbant fees because he went to medical school...he should use that knowledge so I don't have to read fine print. Same goes for insurance policies. If there's something I should know, please have the courtesy to put it in large print.

The second thing is my hearing. I don't yet need the volume on the TV maxed out to enjoy Desperate Housewives. But those ads on radio and television where someone is yakking on and on at warp speed is annoying to say the least! What ARE those hawkers talking about? They could be telling me NOT to buy a certain product. They could be telling me that the sky is falling or Big Brother really is watching me..I'd never know. Obviously, the speed of sound and the speed of discernment aren't anywhere close. I have no idea whether to buy or not to buy that medicine, car, vacation trip or use that credit card to make those purchases.

Cut me some slack! Send me to a 1-800 number or a website which the disclaimers are printed or spoken at an intelligible level. Please???

November 1, 2005

Sincere, Seasonal Schmaltz

Be warned, I'm feeling Thanksgiving-ish!
I was watching my roof leak from the rain we had last night. We really need to get that fixed. As I was mentally griping about the sorry state of my roof, it occured to me that at least my problem was a fixable one. Enlarging on that theme, I began to think about all of my current problems and annoyances, and I can fix them if and when I get motivated to fix them. My roof, my weight, my finances, even my attitudes! They can all be fixed. It put a new spin on my outlook.
Years ago, a family friend was saying the blessing at mealtime and she thanked God for everything they had...and everything they didn't have. I thought about the guy who cut me off and then slowed down in front of me. As I muttered under my breath, we passed a motorcycle cop, in a school zone, that would have nailed me for sure. I'm grateful. I don't have any of the weird viruses going around, my home wasn't flooded, I didn't go through a divorce and I'm seldom more that 14 days away from another paycheck. I'm grateful. My husband still choses to live with me, my children call and check up on me, I have friends who would worry if they didn't hear from me on a regular basis. I'm grateful.
To top all of this off, I'll be eating turkey and dressing in a few weeks. I'm VERY grateful!!

October 28, 2005

Is It Just Me?

I was asked to sing at church this Sunday. I have a CD of "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" written by Robert Robinson (which has an interesting story attached to it). It was one of my grandmother's favorite hymns...either that or it's one I can still remember hearing her sing and it comforts me. At any rate, I found this CD and I like the arrangement. I started singing along without looking at the words because I've sang it long enough to have it mostly memorized. When me and the CD got to the second verse, I'm singing my heart out and I hear different words in the background. I stopped the music, looked at the little copy of the verses and see that they've changed one part of the verse completely! It should say "Here I raise mine Ebenezer, hither by Thy grace I come; and I hope by Thy good pleasure, safely to arrive at home." That's been re-written in more modern terms. I don't think it conveys the same meaning the writer intended.

People who wrote the older hymns seemed to have more of a familiarity with the Bible and it's terminology which was translated into the hymns they wrote. Ebenezer means "stone of help" and was the name given to the stone that the prophet Samuel used as an altar when the Lord helped the Israelites in battle with the Philistines (1 Samuel 7). Capturing the emotion written into the songs by the authors would warrant today's singers knowing the verses and events that inspired the writer. If nothing else, I would imagine that curiosity over such an interesting phrase would cause the singer to go home and check out the definition of "Ebenezer" and learn a little history...maybe even research the instruction and meaning of altars in the Old Testament.

But changing the words to make it more palatable? I just don't know about that.

October 27, 2005

Belching Crow

This fickle fan is incensed. I said up front I was a fairweather fan and this is why. We came so close to grabbing the brass ring and missed. I don't understand the nuances of plotting a winning ball game; but it seems like it's pretty much just hit all you can and then keep the other team from hitting all they can. This isn't rocket science. By last night, I wondered if their hearts were still in the game. I've seen better action at an American Legion Tournament played by high schoolers. I know, I know...they got the pennant...carried us into a World Series competition...blah, blah, blah. I'm just grouchy enough to say, "If you could be the come back kids and get so far, what happened when it counted??" Obviously, intent doesn't matter as much as performance which is why there is dancing in the streets of Chicago but just a bunch of litter here in Houston.

All that crow I ate the other it comes again!!!

October 24, 2005

Monday At Last!

I started the weekend running and haven't stopped yet! Middle Sis was at the Legion and we spent Fri. nite yakking until the wee hours. They're called the wee hours because no matter how much you drink or avoid, you'll be back in the bathroom between 1 and 2 a.m. most nights anyway. We just stayed up until the wee hours passed! We didn't do much Saturday but make a wonderful shrimp dip to share with the other Astro fans at the Legion Sat. nite (see recipe below). Church on Sunday, out to eat with pastor and wife, Middle Sis to my niece's, and grandkids over to spend Sunday night. What fun!! We ate fried potatoes w/sliced hot dogs using toothpicks as skewers, ice cream, 1/2 package of bar-be-que potato chips and chocolate chip cookies...and root beer. MMMMmmmm!!! Grandkids are a great excuse to do totally crazy things and eat stuff that's bad for you. I'm looking forward to TV tonight without an animated figure or sports figure on the screen. That's not asking too much, is it??! (By the way, Mikey finished bathroom floor...looks great!)
Middle Sis Shrimp Dip
Blend 3 small pkgs. of cream cheese with a can of tomato soup in a saucepan until thoroughly mixed (use hand mixer if necessary). Remove from heat and pour into bowl. Add 1 med. chopped onion, 5-6 ribs chopped celery and two small cans of baby shrimp. Chill before serving. Use small pkg. of gelatin if pouring into mold.

October 21, 2005

Bone Tired

Have you ever had one of those weekends that tire you out and it hasn't even started? I think I'm in for one of those!! Mike's 24 hour project in the main bath which started Monday should be through by noon tomorrow. That's been fun. Then he'll start on the other bathroom. My grandkids are in town and I'm wanting to do something with them while they're here but I'm up against cousins coming in from out of town. I'm not sure if a Granna beats a cousin in this day in age but I'm betting I'll lose to the cousins. I have so many terrific memories of spending time with my cousins that I really don't mind sharing this weekend. Then my sister came to town and will be spending a few days. We always have fun but stay up late yakking and I drag up after a couple of nights. Didn't used to be that way. I could stay up late and still function the next day. Now, I can go with missing sleep one night but to do it two nights in a row takes a toll. We'll probably be watching the Astro game at the Legion with a bunch of friends tomorrow night. Sunday is church, sis goes home, grandkids come over and back to work Monday. I'll need the rest! GO 'STROS!!!

October 20, 2005

Eating Heart-Healthy Crow

To whatever I said about the Astros in my previous posting I'd just like to add...
They boys did us proud and everyone in the Houston area is grinning from ear to ear...well, except for the Fed-Ex delivery guy (who's name I won't mention) who hates the Astros and roots for the New York Yankees. I've already heard of people who were in line late last night at Academy buying up the appropriate shirts to broadcast our new position as World Series contenders. My husband, who boycotted the sports page after Monday night's fiasco, barely looked up from the paper this morning. Enthusiasm is definitely running high. I'm excited too, but I think I'll save my unbridled joy for the Designer Shoe Warehouse 50% off sale.
Go 'Stroes!!

October 19, 2005

We're Movin' On Up

League City is no longer just a small town; a cluster of homes and businesses anchoring the south side of Clear Lake and the crown jewel of the Galveston County mainland. Nope, we're big time now. And how did I come to this conclusion? Was it the golf courses (more than one!? The marinas? Booming real estate market? Naw, better than that!
This morning on my drive to work, I waited for a green light right next to a van marked League City Forensics! I didn't know we had forensics in League City...murders, yes; forensics, no. I think that puts up right up there with all of the forensic and cold case TV shows I watch. Maybe we could be the next location for Jerry Bruckheimer to consider. CSI League City...catchy, huh!?
Now, about those killing fields and the Corvette repair shop incident...

October 18, 2005

Clayton Williams all over again!

Remember the wonderful campaign for governor years ago between Clayton Williams (of Claydata fame) and Ann Richards (of beautiful white hair fame)? What hype!! I couldn't wait to read the papers or watch the news to see what salvo had been slung as I slept. They were worthy opponents and the whole election campaign was exciting and fun to follow. We hadn't had a woman in the Texas capital since Ma Ferguson although Sissy Farenthold had given it her best shot in her campaign in the early 70's. I worked with local NOW leaders so I was pretty ate up at the time with the whole feminist thing...even vacationing in Dolph Briscoe's stomping grounds with a "Sissy Farenthold" bumper sticker on the car (why I didn't get a ticket over there I'll never know!). Back to the issue at hand...I was Republican and had every intention of voting for Clayton Williams and he seemed to have the election sewn up. But one little wobble toward the end of the campaign and he lost!!! I forget who said it, but the memorable headline afterwards was that he "snatched defeat from the jaws of victory"!!!
I think we saw that played out again last night at Minute Maid park. I will never know why our local teams can make it so far and then choke at the last minute. The Astros will have a chance to redeem themselves, but to be so close and then lose the game last night doesn't do alot to convince this fickle fan that they can get the job done. We'll have to wait and see if the curse of Clayton is still operating in Texas!!

October 13, 2005

The Key of Me

I've got a great weekend lined up! Friday night is the monthly birthday party at our American Legion Post and Vic Squires will be there doing karaoke. Saturday night is the wedding of some friends and they're having karaoke also. What fun!! I love karaoke. Me, a mike, music, and an audience! Life doesn't get any better than that! When my sisters and I were young, our mother would have us sing for company. "Now I Belong to Jesus" was our signature song. The same guests would listen to the same song over and over. Because we were good? No, because my mother would make them. The Lovely Johnson Sisters had a captive audience. It wasn't like we had much of a choice either. Whatever Mama wanted, Mama got...and Mama wanted to show off her talented (?) children. I loved to sing so I mostly didn't mind. I grew up in choir at school and church. In high school I dropped out of choir to pursue the lofty goal of being a Cardette (pep squad for HHS). Shame on me! I still sing some, but seldom march anywhere. With the advent of karaoke (thank you Japan or Korea or whatever country originated the idea), it was a golden opportunity to sing some of my favorites..."You're So Vain" and "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" and even stuff from the 50's just rings my bell.
So, look out listeners...I'll be in rare form since I missed last month. Feel free to toss money!

October 10, 2005

I'm So Confused!

September used to be one of my favorite months. It signaled the beginning of school for the kids again. Surely we didn't have hurricanes after August. Labor day started dove season and that brought some really good eating. Ah, September meant that the heat wouldn't be around for too much longer.
The best reason to look forward to Septmeber, though, was the new television season. No more reruns or dumb throw away programs. Wow! Start off the month with the Jerry Lewis telethon and go right in to the Miss America pageant; always pulled for Miss Texas. Then the new westerns, law shows, sitcoms, variety shows and we could expect some sort of ground breaking show. Remeber "Love, Sidney" with Tony Randall? He was gay. Didn't last back then. Remember the one I think named Julia with a single black mother who was a nurse raising a little boy? Courtship of Eddie's Father was a dad with custody. Then came Angie Dickinson as a cop...girl with loaded gun. Who can forget the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour and Laugh In? We've seen alot of changes.
Which brings me to my confusion. I like knowing what's on TV so I can plan my weeknights around the few shows I really want to watch. Nowadays, they not only move shows around from different times and nights, they're showing reruns already in case you missed the show at it's set time and night. I never know what I'm going to see on Lost or desperate rerun?? stay tuned for next week?? I guess I must like the surprise though, it's not like I don't have a TV guide (that's as confusing as my phone bill) or the cable viewing guide. I just need to get my routine down so I know when I'm free to talk to real people again.

October 9, 2005

Mother Nature is PMSing!

It started with 4 hurricanes hitting Florida in one season. You had to figure that Mother Nature was either tired of tanned old women going topless on their beaches or maybe we might want to check that melting polar ice cap rumor more carefully. A few months later, we were in awe on the coast as we were blessed with a beautiful Christmas day on the coast of Texas complete with snow...clear down to South Padre! What a great surprise!!! As quickly as it began to melt, the tv's were overloaded with pictures of the tsunami of a magnitude that no one had ever witness or recorded in history. Since then, more hurricanes, earthquakes, minor tsunamis, rain and fire. The past 8 weeks we've had two horrible hurricanes, a major earthquake killing nearly 18,000 at last count and a small hurricane causing alot of flooding in Guatemala. Lots of hurting people out there in the world needing help and prayer.

I'm 57 and I've never seen so much. Surely, we hear more these days because the technology keeps us better informed. We see more because we have satellites that beam pictures from anywhere in the world right into our homes. I'm not alone in wondering what the future holds.

In the meantime, would someone give Mother Nature some chocolate and turn the lights back on in East Texas?

October 6, 2005

15 Minutes of Fame

Mike and I had our daughter-in-law and the grandkids, Hannah (9) and Jacob (6) over last night to eat and spend the night. It's a wonderful time in life when you can serve hot dogs with chili and be thought of as a great chef. I never know which of us is happier to see the other. I do know that they bring me so much joy.
After supper, we settled in to watch Nanny 911. The kids loved it. They were incredulous that children could be so out of control. I have to admit, watching kids bite, hit, and spit on their parents was like watching a wreck or a bullfight. You know that you should look away from the shame of the situation, but morbid curiosity makes your eyes stay glued to the scene at hand. The mother would get all misty after trying to wrestle a smart-mouth 6 year old into time out (which the child NEVER stayed in), thinking that everyone must think her a horrible parent. Duh! The dad comes in and everyone straightens up and flies right. Turns out, he rules them with fear...of his belt. The nanny makes him feel like the heel of the century for being abusive to misty wife and bratty kids (note: they DO tow the line when he speaks and it's not established that he does anything more than spank).
Nanny finally makes her point with mom, dad, kids, they turn into nice children that don't need to be on leashes, and another family is saved. They definitely needed intervention, but on national television? I wouldn't be able to face the PTA again! Was the money or exposure worth the aftermath? A followup series revisiting these people a year from now might be a better gauge of impact and/or exploitation. I think of Richard Hatch from the Survivor series. What's your first thought? That he might be an okay guy in some circumstances or that he walked around a bunch of people naked. Reality bites...and sometimes it bites, chews, and then spits you out!

October 1, 2005

Pieces of the Puzzle

I'm sitting here Saturday a.m. still looking at big bags and boxes of my life that I need to put back in some semblance of order. What a mess!! Read back a few postings ago and these were the things that I chose to make the escape with so that my life would be intact after the storm blew the remnants away. Now, they're just so much stuff that I again have to look at as I determine their importance. I literally had junk that I slammed into the last big sack...would my life have been different if I'd lost Uncle John's Bathroom Reader (three of them) to rain and wind? And my china, the Noritake "Lorelei" pattern that's been discontinued, was none the worse for wear in my hutch where it rode out the storm in a measure of style.
It's interesting to note that the things in our lives move up and down in importance as our perspective changes. I'd still take one or two sacks and boxes, but I sure wasted alot of time and space on things that don't matter much. What a great blessing to have discovered that...and I'm only 57...there's still time to change the way I approach the people, situations, and stuff in my life.
For now, I've got alot of puzzle pieces to put together, and they're all upside down. It's going to be a long day!!

September 30, 2005

A Long Way Down

Quoting Prov. 16:18, "Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall." Those who know me well won't be surprised to know that this is one scripture that I never felt the need to highlight or underline in my Bible. Ahh, God has a way of humbling me though, and you'd think by now I'd get it. I still stumble from time to time and when I fall, I fall hard! Take this blogsite for example.
My fellow blogger and the source of inspiration for me being here was able to set up a site meter at the bottom of the website so I could track my fan base. What a great even breaks the hits down as to date, hour, length of visit...what a marvel!! I watched wide-eyed as my numbers grew. If ever I wondered if this opportunity to share my thoughts, opinions, dreams, and silliness was worthwhile, the numbers began to rise and confirm that inquiring minds really DID want to know what I had to say. Wow! I even mailed my personal anti-blog (not the hater on the web) and quoted facts and figures to her. She's still not impressed no matter what I say, how many country churches my fellow blogger captures on film, or how many goats my other friendly blogger raises...she just doesn't give a hoot!
Well...the other day was a particularly busy day and every time I checked, the numbers registered higher and higher. Amazing! Last night as I drifted off to sleep, I had a huge revelation. It's tracking my visits which generate larger numbers which feeds my pride and makes me go back to check the numbers again which generate a higher hit can see where this is going.
I'm my own biggest fan...wouldn't you know!!!

September 28, 2005

Get in the Wheelbarrow

You've heard or read the story, I'm sure, about the guy who watches a tightrope walker go across Niagara Falls and back. Crowd cheers when the walker says he'll do it again pushing a wheelbarrow. They watch as he makes the trip over the Falls and back, never losing his balance. They cheer again when the daredevil says he'll push the wheelbarrow full of heavy rocks across and back...and he makes it without breaking a sweat. Then he asks the crowd, "Do you believe I can cross the Falls on a wire?" "Yes!!" they respond. "Do you believe I can cross the Falls pushing a wheelbarrow?" They again shout their agreement. "Do you believe I can push it with a load of rocks?" In a frenzy now, they all agree. "Do you believe I can walk across and back pushing the wheelbarrow with a person in it?" The crowd cheers crazily. "Then, who'll get in the wheelbarrow?"
That's where I think I have arrived in life. Things good and bad, happy and sad, all woven into the life that is mine. Much of that I have to admit was on my own strength and under my own direction. Many times the Lord has brought that story to mind, even having a friend of mine come up to me after church one day and tell me that the Lord was calling me into the wheelbarrow...he didn't even know why he felt led to share that. But I did.
After spending 27 hours on the road, a feat I would never have attempted under normal circumstances, I'm humbled by the hand of God on me. I would like to say that I had such complete confidence in Jesus to get me through that I never worried a bit. I'd be lying. When hard times come and circumstances beyond my control are staring me down, it's hard,if not impossible, for me not to blink. Having survived the ordeal with the knowledge of God's mighty arm around me, my confidence in Him is soaring like a candidate's approval rating after a rousing speech. I haven't arrived yet.
But I'm ready to get into the wheelbarrow.

September 26, 2005

Back in the Saddle Again~!

I can't begin to tell the world how grateful I am for all the prayers and thoughts that went out in my behalf. They were supremely answered as I made a long haul to Fredericksburg and back to find that the storm did little more to my neck of the woods than drop some already dead limbs in the yard. I don't think we got much in the way of rain although some who stayed said that the winds did pick up a bit. Some of the mobile homes have their skirting messed up, but we have lattice panels that don't look the worse for wear. God was extremely good to us.
My trip was a 27 hour nightmare that I will never repeat. I won't say I'll never leave again should the warning go out, but as of today, I'd stay and take my chances rather than get involved with that horrific ordeal on the road. I didn't know I could stay awake that long, much less drive that long. Maybe later I'll post the amazing things I saw along the way. My legs were wobbly by the time I arrived in Elgin. I'd left League City at 2:30 a.m. Thursday morning and arrived in Elgin at about 5:30 a.m. Friday morning. I slept for a few hours before going the last two hours to Fredericksburg. I hope others I passed on the road are home safely tonight. Mike came back from Colorado and was waiting for me at my son's home. We had a pleasant trip home which surprised us both.
I'll be back at work tomorrow, Tuesday, and I'll unpack my treasures a little at a time. I've learned the one thing that I know I'll take with me should the situation ever arrive again.............................................Depends!!!

September 21, 2005

Sophie's Choice

I'm sitting here in the middle of the night (when I should be asleep) agonizing over what items I need to take out of harm's way and what can stay. I live in a mobile home built in 1962. It has an aqua sink and stove in the kitchen and a quaint charm that made me love it in spite of it's obvious flaws. Well, we'll see how well it's built in the next few days when Hurricane Rita blows in from Florida. I'm hoping that the leaky roof holds, but this predicament is now totally in God's hands.
I tried wishing the storm to the cornfield but that didn't work. Now I'm stuck with the possibility that I'm not just leaving for a few days to ride out the storm with my grandchildren. There's a chance I won't have anything to come back to. Hence the dilemma over what gets saved and what stays behind to take it's chances with contrary winds. Do I take the yearbooks from high school or the Golden books that I've read to my kids and grandkids? This is pretty much the situation as I was posting a day ago, but now, it's time to make hard decisions and I'm not faring so well.
I'm still believing for a miracle. Please join me!

September 19, 2005

It's Always Something...

I'm back from a quick trip to the Valley to see my sisters. Everyone is well. I got to see the full moon while walking late at night on the beach. The water was warm, breeze was brisk and I could hear blues coming from Wanna Wanna's. Not bad.
Good thing I got to relax a bit because as I was heading home, I began to hear that Hurricane Rita is churning up a mess over by the Keys. Great...just great. Wish I'd studied statistics when I was in school. I'd know what the chances are that we'll take a direct hit. As it is, I'll be forced to choose my destiny with the S.W.A.G. system that my old real estate broker taught me years ago.
It will either come to Houston...or not. If it heads here, I can stay or go. If I stay, I'll by spam, water, bleach (middle sis reminded me of that) and jerky, batteries and candles. Wish I had a wind up flashlight and radio. I'll need to fill the tank, get money, fill the bathtub and washing machine with extra water. Might also need to find a friend to bunk with. If I go somewhere, I need the gas and it wouldn't hurt to use the Spam as a hostess gift. And when do I leave???
In going, I get to make all sorts of decisions about what to take. Family Bibles, baby books, pictures, underwear and lock box with papers I think are important. As much as I second guess every decision I make, this ought to be a trial. There was a woman who left N.O. with her Precious Moments collection and about six other collections...good for her...she'd be hard pressed to replace that stuff. I'll leave the TV. I WILL buy another TV but I wouldn't buy another bunch of Sabino glass. Sabino goes.
Maybe I need to stop blogging and just go pray the storm to the cornfield.

September 16, 2005


This is just a short note to clear up the AntiBlog mentioned in my previous posting. I had no idea that there was really a blogsite written by The AntiBlogger. I have no idea who that person is, nor do I subscribe to any sort of hate diatribes. I hold that people are good or bad based solely on their actions and their character, not their race or religion. I am about as conservative as you get and make no apologies for that. I have liberal friends and that makes for some lively discussions at times...but I don't hate them because they hold different ideas. My writing here is what I do for fun and it's cheaper than therapy. Chime in any time. Remember, you are what you blog!

September 15, 2005

You're No Blogger 'Til Some Blogger Loves You

In a discussion about blogs with someone who's opinion I hold dear, I heard the opinion that blogs have no point...not really...not in the grand scheme of life. First off, The AntiBlog doesn't like the name "blog", it should be renamed to something more aesthetically pleasing. As much as I love my blog, and blogging in general, I have to throw in with that opinion. "Blog" sounds more like something you step in than a way to pleasantly pass the time.
Secondly, The AntiBlog didn't think that much of what was posted was really very interesting. Who really cares? That hurt my feelings as I happen to think I'm pretty interesting...good grief...I haven't even had time to discuss what I think about MTV, the size of an avocado seed in proportion to the part you can eat, or whether Tom Cruise talks to much about Scientology. That's not interesting? Give me some time. I'll get around to something you find interesting directly.
We're all entitled to our opinions, blogging just entitles the world to our opinions. What's not to love about that?
P.S. Even spellcheck doesn't like "blog"...kept trying to change it to "bloc"

September 14, 2005

Youse Guys

I was reading through my emails and happened across one of my pet peeves. I'm feeling a little peevish today so it suits me to sound off a bit. The email was one of those hug a friend-you're an angel in disguise sort of things. I equate them with regular mail addressed to occupant. I know that my friends love me and think I'm a rose or an angel, and I feel the same about them...I just don't email the sentiment back to the sender nor do I forward it to the dozens of angelic flowers on my own email list. Some of the recipients would probably look me up and slap me! At any rate, that's not what my pet peeve is.
At the end of this email, "Ya'll" were encouraged to send it out within 10 minutes of 100's of your nearest and dearest. Now, I was born and raised in Texas. I was also fairly adept at grammar in school. I know that "don't" is the contracted form of "do not" and "would've" is short for "would have." So it stands to reason that "Y'all" is the proper contraction for "you all." I have no idea what "ya'll" is supposed to represent. "Ya'll" is worse to me than "ain't." While "ain't" is usually accepted in conversation and has even been used as a regular word (think, "Ain't Misbehavin'" or "It Ain't Necessarily So"), the term "ya'll" is just ignorance or poor spelling. I'm thinking that it's originated by Yankees who are just posing as Southerners.
What do y'all think?

September 13, 2005

What's New Pussycat?

I amaze myself sometimes.
I actually have very strong convictions and like to think of myself as at least deep enough to carry on an extended conversation on the price of tea in China if necessary. Somewhere along the way I'm losing my attention span though. It is very embarrassing.
I first noticed it several presidential conventions ago. After a few days of rhetoric I was ready for it to be over. The commercials got to be a real source of annoyance, even the ones for my team! Then, we had Desert Storm. After a few weeks, I was ready for it to be over and have America finish up and move on to something different. Seems like that pattern has only grown worse over time. I get all steamed about something, fuss and fret, then, it's all over. Many of my friends and family have been victims of my ranting and raving. It ends as quickly as it begins!
With every major news event whether local (Clara Harris trial) or national (Supreme Court nominees) or global (suffering somewhere), after a few days, I'm ready to hear about something else...especially if the powers that be aren't handling things the way I think they should be.
Let's finish up in New Orleans, fix the power outage in L.A., get Brad and Angelina married, find new judges, and move on...we've got to start planning for the next president!

September 8, 2005

Out of Sight...

It occurred to me that I might want to mention that my main squeeze isn't around these days. Mikey is off in the mountains of Colorado with his brother, sister and her husband...for 5 weeks. They're playing cards, fishing, and he's looking for an American Legion Post with a bar. He's been gone for 10 days and it's taken me this long to realize some things about him. I don't eat more because he's around, I don't clean less because he's in the way, and evidently he talks to me more than I thought because I notice the house is very, very quiet. That could also be due to the television not blaring so loud. For the next 3-4 weeks, I can lose weight, get out and walk, talk on the phone all I want, keep the a/c at subzero, and fall asleep with the TV on. Yep, I'm fancy free all right. In complete control. And for the first time ever I'm sleeping with a fillet knife under my pillow! Hope he misses me!

September 6, 2005

Time Marches On...

Just a bit ago I received an update from CNN stating that Bob Denver, known to millions as Gilligan, passed away at age 70. 70???!!!...can't be!! I remember thinking he was the coolest as Maynard G. Krebs in the old Dobie Gillis series. Hard to believe another icon has fallen by the wayside. It's a little unnerving to lose markers in my own life's timeline. Watching that silly sitcom made me anxious to be a teenager and have the same fun I saw encapsulated in the little 30 minute program. I had the fun, but I don't think I was ever as cool as Maynard. The Gilligan character was funny in his own way, but not as hip as Maynard. Another legend gone...too bad.
Another note to cheer you up...just checked my calendar and you only have 109 shopping days until Christmas...7 paychecks! Don't worry, you don't have to get me anything this year. I have all I and the little black chicken are doing just fine!!

September 4, 2005

Pretty Is As Pretty Does...

I am saddened beyond belief at the situation in the south from Hurricane Katrina. I'm saddened also by the ease at which some people have sunk to the lowest common denominator of decency. While heroes are being raised up by the hundreds and amazing stories of compassion and survival and gratitude and service are reported, there is an element of blame being foisted on the listening public that tarnishes the fine work being done. There are pictures of people running down the streets with electronic equipment alongside of those trying to grab groceries. It was said by reporters that gun shops were among the first stores looted. Isn't that nice!
What we have is an extremely miserable situation that only time, generosity, and an extreme amount of patience will heal and restore. In the meantime, blaming the government, leaders, shooting at people sent to help only gives the impression that we're spending alot of time and effort on worthless people with no character. I'm not saying they are, but they're sure not helping their own image no matter what their race or creed or religion.
And if you're not a part of the solution....

September 2, 2005

Chicken Dance

I have a new hero of the week. Don't know her name, but she's a black English guinea hen...I think. My fellow blogger,, posted his recent purchase of goats followed up by acquiring this hen and two chicks. The poor little chicks didn't make the transition and now there's just the hen. In the last posting, she was getting along well with her new surroundings, mixing in with the goats, and didn't seem to mind being hand carried into shelter when a storm came.
At 57, I've gone through alot of changes, some good and some I'd rather not dwell on. I'm still here! Like the little hen, I've had to adapt to different living arrangements, different companions, and different ways of handling the storms that come along from time to time. I'm still here! You have to learn to bend or you'll break. You have to adjust or get left behind. The little hen is just getting on with being a hen and doing what hens do. Doesn't matter that her shape has changed, or the chicks she used to hang with aren't around, that the new neighbors are large and different looking...she's just busy doing her thing...being a little black guinea hen. Her needs are met, she's well-fed, she's happy no matter what.
I'm learning what she already knows!

August 31, 2005

In Case You're Wondering...

It occurred to me that you might be wondering what the pictures are that you see posted on the right. I found a couple of websites that I love for many reasons. The first website is from A Picture A Day (apod)from NASA and the pictures are from space. Every day there is a new picture from the Hubble telescope and others on the ground. Some are from the robotic cameras on Mars. They show beautiful constellations, nebula and graphics of distant stars and galaxies. The first several pictures are from this site.
The lower pictures that look like pop art are actually pictures of things under a microscope. They are mostly single cells highly magnified. The website, Molecular Images (, shows common things like bread, minerals, gems, birthstones, beer and mixed drinks, all sorts of stuff. You have to click around a bit and I haven't figured it all out just yet.
If you ever have some time to kill and want to be dazzled by God's glorious creation, take a look at these places and see what you think.

Mobile Multitasking

I've just returned from a weekend with the grandkids which is a whole 'nuther posting! Mike and I drove over to Fredericksburg and he left from there to go to Colorado (another whole 'nuther posting). I had to drive home alone and it's the first time in quite awhile I've had the priviledge of driving by myself. I love to do that from time to time. I get to travel smoke free; I get to listen (or not listen) to whatever station or CD I choose; I can stop when I want to; I can stop where I want get the idea. What I noticed while driving is that we are a nation of marvelous multitaskers. We are performing this talent on the road.
For years I've watched people light up cigarettes, put on makeup, make phone calls, and read while driving, even in heavy traffic times. This trip, I noticed a driver that had taken multitasking to a higher level than ever. Way beyond the normal ear or nasal hygiene I've seen practiced at 70 miles per hour, I saw a gentleman adjust his dental bridge. He took this little work of wire and teeth out of his mouth, inspected it for Lord knows what, and replaced it...and never swerved into my lane of traffic!!! Amazing! I've heard stories, seen things, and done a few odd jobs while driving myself. For some reason, this man impressed me.
Maybe driving a vehicle weighing over 1000 pounds down a major road at a high rate of speed is not challenging enough for us anymore. There's not much interesting about starting from point "A" and arriving at point "B" in one piece. Anyone can manage that. But to have invented a better mousetrap, eaten a gormet meal, phoned the President, or given a friend a perm while driving, THAT's an accomplishment!
In the meantime, y'all be careful out don't know what that other driver is really up to!!!

August 26, 2005

Life Doesn't Get Any Better!

Thank you, Bro. Ron for the help...he did my pictures that you see. When I found these websites that showed these pictures, I imagined that this is what God gets to look at every day. Thanks to technology, now we can too! Feel free to check out the other links posted. You'll enjoy them. I may add more as I find them (and Bro. Ron has the time!)
I'm in Fredericksburg this weekend with Hannah and Jacob, the joys of my life. Their parents are honeymooning, again, celebrating a whole decade of wedded bliss. I'm celebrating nearly a decade of grandmothering by babysitting. I can curl up on the sofa and listen to the kids read or sing or dance for me and feel my blood pressure go lower. They're better than all the pills in the world!! If you don't have grandchildren, borrow some...they're wonderful. We're going to a parade, the Gillespie County Fair (Hannah has entered cookies she baked, we're expecting ribbons!) and the pool is cleaned up. Oh yeah...we're gonna have a good time!

August 24, 2005

I Think I Can, I Think I Can

Look fast!! I got some good help and found a way to post a picture on my blog. Will it happen again? Maybe if the planets all align right and I hit the buttons in the exact same order. When I started this blogging thing, it was because I admired Ron Corzine's blog site ( and became a constant commenter. I think he must have thought I had enough opinions to go around and suggested I get a blogspot...or site...or whatever. I did, but he's way smarter than me. If you check him out, be sure and note the precious pictures he has of country churches. Anyway, his spot has all sorts of stuff and I was again inspired to maybe spiff my site up a bit. I think giving birth was easier!

August 23, 2005


Years ago my husband and I and some other family members were hiking up Mt. Baldy at Garner State Park. If you went to Garner, you had to climb to the top of the mountain and survey the park, the river and the beautiful vistas. Coming back down we followed the well worn little trail. I was leading and headed off to the right. My dad and everyone else to a person suggested that I was on the wrong pathway but I assured them I knew exactly where I was. They followed along. Well, I could have gotten us back to the bottom of the mountain, if we'd taken a flying leap off of the ledge that my pathway had taken us to. Amid alot of groaning, we backtracked to the main path and headed down the way they all remember climbing. I didn't get to lead anymore!
What amazed me then and amazes me still is how I can be so confidently wrong about so many things. When I turned 55 it really hit me how much life I've lived and how little I still knew. I've learned that some people aren't the doofuses (doofi?) that I thought they were, I can take a drink on occasion and not go to hell (but the thought still crosses my mind, "Is this what you want to be doing when Jesus comes?"), and that maybe I don't have all the answers. I've backed up on lots of positions that I've held for years! Oh, that was almost painful to admit in writing.
Lucky for me, I have a God who loves me in spite of myself, friends who'll pray for me whether I think I need it or not, and family who have stuck by me no matter how many of my opinions I've exposed them too. Looking back...and ahead...I'm in good shape!
P.S. I never did find out what shattered my window...since it was the side window, it was suggested that someone had to have shot it out (pellet gun, Mafia hit, I don't know!) If that's true, I was indeed fortunate not to have been hurt!

August 22, 2005

Boy Scouts are Right

Years ago I was on my way to a PTA meeting, running almost late. I would make it right on time if no one got in my way and the traffic lights stayed green. I was within a mile of the school when I heard something pop. I turned to check out the situation in my left rear view mirror and was shocked to see that my window had shattered. I pulled over and was trying to figure out what happened and how I would now be late as I pulled tiny pieces of glass from the window frame. Great way to start the day! As I was cleaning up the mess, this thought crossed my mind, "Sara, you never allow for the unexpected." I knew God was speaking to my heart. I had always operated about 15 to 20 minutes behind the rest of the world. My mother had told me once that I was born two weeks late and had been late to ever since! Our family friend, Larry Elliff, who sang at my wedding told me that he wouldn't open his mouth to sing until he saw me standing at the back of the church ready to come down the aisle. If you ever dated me or asked me to meet you somewhere, you know what I'm talking about. To all of you who've had to wait on me, I apologize.
I didn't mean to set your teeth on edge, but I just didn't prepare. I could get up in plenty of time to get ready, but I'd wait until the last minute to start and then when some little button turned up missing or the curlers didn't heat up fast enough, my whole schedule was thrown into confusion. I didn't prepare for contingencies. I was late for a funeral once years ago because I didn't prepare and got to the funeral home without my guitar!...should have put it out the night before, but I didn't prepare. I got to work one day and one of my friends asked if I knew there was a giant stain on the back of my jacket. No, I didn't as I hadn't planned what to wear, just grabbed something and dressed and wound up having to go home. You can see I've wasted alot of time!
My friend, Mary Ann, sent me an email today about how preparation helps to deal with the unexpected things in life. Being spiritually, physically and mentally prepared gets you through whatever comes your way. Having been blindsided enough in my life, I'm learning this lesson. Hopefully, if you're caught in the same circumstances I was, this will be your wake up call to just stop, make a 180, and begin to enjoy life. I've still got a way to go as old habits die hard. But I'm getting better!

August 18, 2005

Giving honor to whom....

Oh, all right!!! I'd like to take credit for coming up with the idea of composing a blog site. I'd like for everyone to think that I'm such a techno-geek that I found the site, put together more information about myself that anyone really cares about knowing, and began to type. Not true! Actually, I'd written a little rambling email about Indians, my grandparents, listening to stories, telling stories which I emailed to some of my nearest and dearest. Some found it interesting, some thought I was in a mood.
One dear friend suggested that I should get a blog site and just write whatever whenever. I remembered what Mama always said, "Never write anything down that you wouldn't want everyone to read." Well, blogging shoots that wisdom all to pieces. I signed up, signed on and if I can just keep from starting every other posting with "Okay", I might do all right here. My friend suggested that I give credit where credit is due and I agree completely. Thanks friend! was all you!
Now, if you can just help me add blog sites (do I copy the whole paragraph of letters and symbols? there a shortcut? do I let the world know that if I my life was a movie it would be "Sunset Boulevard"?)
You can see I've got a ways to go!!!!
Okay, I hope there is someone out there who loves me enough to tell me when I don't look good. Now, before I open the floodgate to criticism, let me tell you what I'm talking about.
Last night I happened to catch some of Farrah Fawcett's interview on David Letterman's Late Show. That poor, poor creature. Remember her as one of Charlie's Angels? Remember how everyone with long hair started billowing it out like she did? Remember how great she looked with Ryan O'Neal on her arm? What happened???!!! She wore a black sleeveless dress. Her little arms were skinny and flabby. Her face was almost comic book proportioned. I don't know if she was high or not...I kinda hope so because she was pretty flaky and I'd like to think there was a reason for it. I know she's gone through some rough times. That's not what my point is today though.
She looked terrible. Someone, maybe her mom or a sister, should take her aside and let her know that growing older isn't a sin. Shifting body mass isn't a crime, but you might not want to show your weaker points off on national television. A good friend could mention that no more surgery is needed and if she IS doing something to blow her mind, she should stop.
Maybe she needs my friend. I won't reveal her name, SHE knows who she is. After nagging me once to join her at an exercise class, she looked at me in my cute (I thought) leotard with matching tights and leggings and said, "You don't look as bad in that as I thought you would!" Only a friend will tell you that. I got the hint and wore shorts the next time out. I've also worked with good friends who love me enough to tell me my slip is showing, there's something on my teeth, or hand me a mint if necessary. I have sisters who'll be honest whether I want to listen or not. I've had pastors, teachers, and parents who didn't back away from truth that I needed to hear. I love people who love me enough to help me present myself in the best light.
Honesty is supposedly the best policy. My mother used to tell us that we could tell her anything as long as we had a smile on our faces. I think the lesson is really that you should have a relationship with the person that allows you to speak into their life or vice versa. I've had to hear some hard things over the years, but knowing that I was being instructed or corrected or guided by someone who loved me and had my best interest at heart was the sugar that made the medicine go down. There's a scripture in the Old Testament that says, "Iron sharpens iron." Sometimes we have to hear hard things so that our situations, our bodies, our spirits become stronger.
If you don't have a friend like that in your life now, get one!

August 17, 2005

I just finished checking my bank account...another fun thing I can do online. Don't bother with the warnings about someone stealing my identity. Anyone that dumb deserves it. I went through the process of getting into that online bill pay thing and it's not bad. I've discovered that it's way faster to click a button than to sit down, wade through 15 little sale circulars, write out checks, find stamps while feeling my blood pressure soar. I don't like numbers, never have, never will. They have been a mystery to me since 3rd grade when Mrs. McConnell began with multiplication and division.
My aversion escalated in high school with algebra and geometry. Algebra was a complete waste of time. Had it not been for Johnny Tarius sitting behind me, I'd have flunked the course completely. Taking the alphabet and the numbers from 0-9 and tossing them together like so much lettuce and tomatoes was a curious idea to begin with. At least with the lettuce and tomatoes I could end up with salad; with numbers and letters I usually wound up with a big, fat "D" or worse! Geometry was another matter. For some reason, I did very well in that class. Maybe because I learn visually, maybe it was the teacher, maybe I gave this one subject more of my potential (which I was told I was wasting). At any rate, I got through the math just enough to graduate. I don't use much of it these days, especially since I no longer have to figure out what one can of corn is if they're on sale at 3 cans for $1.00. Unit pricing solved that issue!
Back to the bank account. I'm temporarily solvent if the computer can be believed so I'll breath easy for awhile. But if you're holding one of my checks, you'd better hurry to the bank.

August 16, 2005

Okay...I'm drunk with the power of the keyboard! I thought that I'd found my niche when a friend set up karaoke at the American Legion and I could sing Carly Simon. Online journaling may soon overtake my love affair with amplification and CD-G music. I should probably use some restraint with postings as this really is the height of expressive egoism. My thoughts, my blogsite, and plenty of space for all of the pontificating falderol I can possibly squeeze out. Lucky for me, I have a good friend who will burst my bubble of pride on a regular basis and keep me grounded. Lucky for me too, she's out of town for a few days and I'll be well into blogging before she can stop me! Too bad I'm not burning calories doing this, it'd be a perfect pastime.
One thing I have noticed in writing lately, is how the rules of grammar elude me. I know that I have dangling participles all over the place and I sometimes take spelling shortcuts. I see sentences ending with prepositions that may be wrong but just sound so right! In the back of my mind, I can still hear all of those English teachers reciting verb conjugations and proper tenses along with the sound of chalk scraping out the diagram of a sentence on the board. While I can deftly spell antidisestablishmentarianism, I'm stumped over whether my pen is laying on the table or lying on the table. Maybe this open writing assignment will help me sharpen my grammatical skills. We'll just have to wait and's not like there's someone out there with a red pen!!
Ohmygosh! I posted my first little ditty and it's taken me this long to figure out how to get back in and write some more!! Still working on the picture thing too. Hang with me, I'll get there!
I was watching TV the other day and noticed that two stores are using little kids doing this hip hop stuff and rapping dialogue (if that's what it's called) to promote their new school clothes. I decided that I'm not cool. First off, I can barely understand what they're saying. I definitely heard the word "flyest" as an adjective. I'm slow, but not so ignorant that I didn't get the drift that the word means "cool" or "neato." Our language has had a rough time keeping up the pace with our fast changing world so making up new words or giving old words new meanings has become necessary. How often can you say, "This outfit is cool" before no one listens anymore? (Remember "Have a nice day" or "I love this") Since I've been around, things have gone from hip>cool>fine>boss>groovy>neato>rad>dynomite>hot>cold>fly. I'm sure I skipped some! Where do we go from here for the next adjective that lets the world know that you're in, up, happening...good grief!! never ends!