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May 3, 2008


I'm not sure if I'm just ignorant or if the public is once again being duped by the politicians. But what the heck is a "Super Delegate"? I know about Super Glue, Super Heroes, Super Sonic, and Super Size Me. There's Super Bowl, Super Novas, Super Mario and Super 8 Motels (see you along the way). The adjective, "super" has to be one of the most superfluous words in current language and has lost the impact it once had. By sheer repetition, the word starts to look silly and insignificant. So, why has it now been the superlative of choice to define a delegate to a political convention? Are these delegates of greater renown, greater power, greater income? Are they sitting in proxy for legions of other delegates too lazy to go to the convention? And...if so much superb rhetoric is being bandied about regarding their impact on the choice of a presidential candidate, can't they just phone in their decision and save everyone a boatload of super funds? I think deep down, we're being conned by some Super Dupers!