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April 23, 2008

Lost in Space...and Time

Reading a blurb from Uncle John's Bathroom Reader (my other Bible) I see where it is estimated that people spend on average one year of life looking for things. I doubt that. I wouldn't still be sporadically hunting for treasure if I dedicated that much time to the search. Think about how much time has passed just this year! It's already coming near the first day of the fifth month of 2008. Imagine spending just these nearly four months searching for misplaced objects, no vacations, no going to work or play or school...just looking for things that I once had.
If I had put even 25% of that time, say one month, 30 days just looking for things, I'd have already located the library book I just checked out. Mike had it last and has no recollection of where he might have put it down, so maybe that's a technicality. I can lay that lost item at his feet and send him off to find it. At any rate, it cost me $20 at the library to replace it.
Add another month to that and I'd know where my little ornament was last hung. It's three girls dancing. I got one for me, Middle Sis and Baby Sis to celebrate our good fortune to be sisters. I'm kind of into "sister" things like that. I've seen both of theirs at their homes, but don't know what I did with mine. It'll turn up. I might also have found my one missing earring that's a light blue and silver. I've had the pair for years and they didn't match a thing. Now that one's gone into hiding, I have about three blouses that they would match perfectly with. Of course!
Spending an entire year would be a bonanza! I know I'd be able to find my book of poems that I've written (I know it's around somewhere), James' missing baby shoe (his precious wife has the other baby shoe on display in their home), and maybe, just maybe, the ring my mother gave me when I was a teenager with the initial "E" (for Elizabeth) on it. She told me to be careful!!!
Think I'll start this weekend ~ tempus fugits, ya know!

April 9, 2008

Great Ideas!

A good classmate of mine sent me an email recently from a news broadcast touting a car engine that runs on water! The inventor has already been invited to speak before Congress and I'm wishing I knew how to contact him and tell him, "Don't go!!" He desperately needs to talk to the inventor of the lifetime light bulb and see how far that technology got him! If I had the answer to the problem of high gas prices I'd keep it under my hat...ecology be damned! Will the people on the receiving end of those obscene oil profits really let this guy's research move forward? He'd have been smarter to just go directly to some forward thinking car manufacturer and sell it to them (assuming the patent is in place).
And really, what's Congress done for you lately?

April 6, 2008

Blue Sunday's Coming!

In case you didn't know, Baby Sister founded an organization for helping abused and neglected children and those who rescue them, namely, Blue Sunday. Blue Sunday is always the last Sunday of April and the focus is to get churches to sign up at their website if they will commit to pray for the children, foster families, and child welfare and CPS workers to tirelessly labor to improve the lives of these small victims. Several Texas Catholic Archdioceses are onboard to make up the over 500 Texas churches already in agreement to pray.
Please check out the website at and then forward the information to your Christian leaders and pastors. Maybe they will see the value in helping the foster children and those who rescue them.
Thank you ~