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September 22, 2006

Yadda Ad Nauseum

Way back when Sex and the City was popular, I missed the whole shebang because we only had basic cable. I never new anything about the stars or cared about Mr. Big. What I didn't realize until lately though was how Sarah Jessica Parker's voice over rattled on at the beginning and end of the show. Well, once Pandora's (squawk) Box was open, that's all we've had! Now we listen to a voice from beyond the grave on Desperate Housewives; we have poor, pitiful Meredith on Grey's Anatomy gushing angst over the cast of their show; and then last night I heard some guy heralding every nuance we might have missed on 6 Degrees. I don't think there's time to properly develop ideas so we need this extra explanation at the end in case we missed the point of the episode and to whet our appetite for next week's installment. The advertisers have whittled the actual programming time down to about 20 minutes for every half hour of actual showtime. Where are the protesters for that? I remember when Lucy and Ethel could get into a mess, get caught in a mess and get out of the mess because they had ample time. Ricky wasn't there to set the story up or put it to bed at the end. And we did just fine! Ah...I miss the good old days. 'Nuf said!

September 11, 2006

I Stand Corrected

Not that it matters much, but when I posted that last blog, I was overcome with the notion that I might have attributed the quote, "Nice guys finish last" to the wrong person. Letting my actual work slide just a bit today, I took a few minutes to look that particular quote up and, sure enough, I was wrong. It wasn't Dizzy Dean who made the famous "nice guys" quote, it was Leo Durocher in 1946 when he was with the Brooklyn Dodgers. When you have some spare time, look up his quotes, he was a hoot!
So was Dizzy Dean. Look him up too while you're at it. I found a quote I intend to use extensively in the future. He said, "It ain't braggin' if you can back it up." Isn't that great? He also remarked once on a play saying of a player, "He slud into third." He must have been roundly trounced by English teachers of the day because another quote has him explaining why he used the term "slud" in the first place. To paraphrase, he thought it was sliding into the base with an attitude. You have to love a man who thinks like that.
On a side note, just put in "nice guys finish last" and look at all the angst from people who've been disappointed with nice guys. Nice guys must run in small herds.
And they evidently do finish last.

September 9, 2006

The Nice Family

I am currently living with the nicest family on the planet. They show their niceness in the sweetest ways. For instance...a few days ago Baby Sis made some of her famous chocolate chip cookies that everyone loves. She made them during the week before Grandson #1 came down. During that short interval the rest of us would grab a cookie whenever we wanted and we wanted one everytime we walked by the plate and saw them sitting there. It's not like a horde of locusts went through the place, but they did dwindle down to a precious few. I figured that when Grandson #1 got here the few remaining would immediately disappear. He really likes Baby Sis's chocolate chip cookies! Interestingly enough, he's too nice, and they're too nice and I'm too nice to eat the last one. I notice now when my eye wanders to the plate that little pieces of the cookie are gone. No one wants to be the one who eats the last cookie. So we're all picking into oblivion. I've seen this phenomenon before with no one wanting to eat the remaining piece of pie, barbequed rib (although people are less nice when it comes to ribs), or maybe the last fried chicken drumststick. It's a form of etiquette to prefer the others at the table. However, that last little piece of cookie knows I'm sitting here and it's calling to me. And like Dizzy Dean said, "Nice guys finish last."

September 4, 2006

A Rose By Any Other Name

Not that I listen to her advice on blogging, but Baby Sis has informed me that I need to update my picture, talk more about real estate since that is what makes me money, and rename my blog site as "GrannaSez" doesn't convey much interest. So ~
I'll be emailing an updated picture to my very generous friend who knows how to do these things (get ready anonymous pastor).
If you don't know, I sell real estate on South Padre Island. If you're interested in fleshing out your portfolio, I'm the one to help you. Right now you can still buy some stuff for under $100,000 but I'm not so sure you'll be able to do that much longer. The more you spend, the more I make and the sooner I get my own place (which might just be Baby Sis's motivation to have me mention my work more often in here). Have I piqued your curiosity? Post any interest here in the comment section and I'll get in touch with you.
Thirdly, when my grandchildren were born, I discovered that I couldn't abide being called anything that sounded old. I toyed with "Big Mama" because that was my grandmother's name. I figured right away that Mikey would have way too much easy fun at my expense so I jettisoned that one. Didn't like Grandma, Granny, Mamaw or anything like offense to anyone who goes by that name. I picked "Granna" because it rhymed with my granddaughter's name and because it sounded a little sassier. The "sez" part just came because I always have something to say and am quick to offer an opinion...wanted or not. So...having explained the name of my blog, I'm certainly open to renaming it if anyone can come up with something that conveys the essence of me and makes readers want to stop and check out my blogsite.
Let the games begin!

September 1, 2006

Seller by Starlight

I had an occasion to watch tv again late into the night. I have got to quit drinking caffeine after 3 in the afternoons! I was amazed at what people are missing out on by sleeping the night away. I may have mentioned buying some books about what the drug industry doesn't want me to know. I did that in the middle of the night. But that was for my health and it might have some remedies for drinking caffeine too late in the day. I'll get back to you on that when the book comes in.

Last night I learned that I can send money in varying amounts and clean my colon, get my finances in order, buy real estate with no money down, get a sweeper to end all sweepers that don't have wheels but gliders (I'm considering that at 2/$19.99 plus shipping and handling), slice and dice in less time with less effort, improve my sex life, improve Mikey's sex life, buy "toys" for the aforementioned conditions, juice any plant on the planet, and find free money from the government. There's more I'm sure but I finally drifted off to sleep.

I mention this in case you need any of these products. While you're sleeping the night away, there are people with jewelry to dazzle, products to heal, gadgets to cook with, and places you can own for no money down and you'd never know it. I never see this stuff when the sun is up and I can think clearly. I think it's a conspiracy to keep us sick, poor, and sexless but until America wakes up and investigates this nighttime phenomenon, we'll just stay that way.