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February 5, 2008

Write Now, Right Now

Someone recently pointed out that I hadn't written anything lately. If you're wondering if I ran away, I did...but I came back. Sometimes life just happens and happens hard. I took some time off to regroup and I think I have it together...or at least I'm moving in that direction. I also took a great word I read and 2008 is the year for me to:
1) Release my children to their destiny (and quit trying to help it along!) - have you every seen that saying "Never try to teach a pig to sing. It won't work and it annoys the pig." Not that I think my children are pigs as I've raised three wonderful boys who are producing wonderful grandchildren, but the point of trying to ... well, I think you get the point!
2) Quit trying to be skinny! I'm aiming for healthy and pledging to make a concerted effort to lose weight along the way, but I have to realize that it is what it is! Even if I could get into a bikini, it still wouldn't be pretty.
3) Get back to regular church attendance. I know, you can worship God under a tree, but I have discovered that I thrive and my spirit thrives on constant, regular contact with other believers. And they're not meeting under trees.
I'd move along to items 4 - 104 but I'm on my lunch hour at work and since they aren't about you, you might get bored.