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June 12, 2007


Just pausing a minute to acknowledge that Sunday is Father's, if you haven't bought a card or gift, there's still time.
I was blessed to have a father who taught me many things. I never thought of his as a financial genius but he managed to raise 4 kids who didn't realize how poor they were until they were grown. I'm sure Mom had alot to do with this.
I do remember his first financial lesson though. I was pretty young and he told me and my sibs and assorted cousins that he was thinking about buying some land and starting a turtle farm. He went on to explain that he would first take about an acre and build a maze on it with the path going back and forth. The boards wouldn't have to be larger than a 2 x 4 as turtles aren't very big. Once that was done, we'd all get to help collect turtles found trying to cross the road. We'd rescue them from being run over and give them a new life on the farm. All they had to do was journey through the maze eating little bits of lettuce while their shells grew. As they exited the maze, Dad would shoot them with a cattle prod and they'd jump out of their shells. Then, he'd put them back at the beginning of the maze and they'd begin the trek over again eating lettuce...and growing a new shell. We'd have a never-ending supply of shells.
So how would we make money with this? Why, we'd fill the turtle shells with concrete and sell them for doorstops...we'd be rich!
What a plan, what a dad! Happy Father's Day!