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March 20, 2007

True GRIT (Girl Raised In Texas)

I received this test on things about Texas from my friend JoAnn and had a few minutes to kill. I zipped through the first few brainers and was on my winning way to the end until I hit some hard stuff. As much as I admired and respected my 7th grade Texas history teacher, Miss Parker (who, by the way, saved her authentic Rebel Yell until the end of school...split many an eardrum), I don't think she ever taught me some of this stuff. I'd give you my opinions and insights, but it would spoil the test for you. I got an even 50% and some of my friends have done better. I've been sufficiently humbled for the day. See how you do...and report back!

March 10, 2007

At Least I Know Who to Blame

For Pete's Sake!!! It's not enough that they mess with my biorhythm every year with Daylight Savings Time...this year they've moved it up. I had a friend send me a reminder the other day and wondered if she'd been sitting at the computer a little too long. Sure enough, they're telling me that it starts tonight. I'm royally miffed! THEN, when I'm aggravated over the whole global, economic, moral and national liberties I think the Democrats are taking, I'm reminded (by the same friend with the computer) that this was all started during LBJ's reign. Again with the Democrats!! So, once more, our school children will be waking while it's dark and going to school at the crack of dawn so that adults can mow their yards at 9 o'clock at night. I just don't get it!!!
If I'm grouchy until the fall, at least you'll know why. Some of us miss that extra hour of sleep. Maybe if I skip lunch and move my watch forward at noon today I won't be so crabby. I'll let you know how that works for me!

March 2, 2007

Spring Has Sprung

We're looking down the barrel of Spring Break again. The city, in it's infinite wisdom, added medians down Padre Blvd highlighted with palm trees. They look nice, but it will be interesting to see how the breakers do with the changes in turning, stop lights in new places, and added markings for pedestrian crossings. I worry that they'll just have more things to look at and think about while driving (drunk or hungover) and I'll be a bigger target than I was last year.

I noticed too, that the Army has a big bunch of trucks set up for display over in the parking lot by Louie's and the bungee jump. I think there ought to be an automatic three day waver if they sign up anyone who's EUI...enlisting under the influence.

Budweiser and Miller have stacked their canned buzzes up to the ceilings nearly everywhere. I remember last year that their big delivery trucks sailed up and down Padre Blvd. like giant hooch armadas with amazing regularity. I wonder how they'll navigate the traffic and new medians this year. Everywhere you look there are beer bongs for $.99 and the tee shirt shops are properly stocked with risque slogans on shirts of every style and color.

The EMT's are ready, fire trucks shined, police positioned, and RV parks emptied of Winter Texans. Let the games begin!