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November 15, 2007


I'm trying something new out by posting a link. I haven't done that before but maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks. We'll see!
I'm excited about this link to I never had much use for dogs. Couldn't ever housebreak one. Shoot, I'm just glad my boys were housetrained and they did most of that themselves!
Hank Hough (pronounced Huff) has a ministry that deserves taking a look at. He has a program for every age group and he shows off his award winning chocolate labs as he teaches how important it is to be obedient to God.
I hope I haven't crossed any lines here by posting his link or mentioning his work without written permission. In fact, it seems kind of silly to advertise for something you've never seen. But I was immediately charmed by his gentle voice and his testimony...and his dogs! Take a look!

October 29, 2007

Electric Glide

I love the cooler weather of fall and winter. I embrace the darker, grey days as great sleeping weather. Just in time for great sleeping weather is the arrival back of the hour of sleep that the government robs me of every darned spring. I love this time of year! Except for one little thing.
I haven't figure out how to swivel out of my car and shut the door without getting jolted from the build up of static electricity. I rode with a friend today in her little convertible. She only had glass windows with no metal frame so I could go buy me a cute car like hers and avoid the problem. Except for one little thing.
Walking across the floor to same friend's office (she's actually a boss and a friend) I lean against her door and get jolted again. Darned static!!! I have to wear shoes, nothing rubber soled. I can't figure out how to not touch the door. You'd think that after a few times of getting buzzed, not in a good way, that I'd learn not to touch the door frame. But no, I'm still getting zapped.
So, I can't get out of the car, open doors, or touch anyone without the electricity charging through my system. I'm afraid of setting something on fire when I fill up for gas if I reach across the seat for my purse. If anyone has any idea how to fix this, please let me know. It's going to be a long winter!

October 7, 2007

No Pot Here!

I was driving over to the north side of Houston Friday afternoon with Susan to do a craft show (she's very talented with making jewelry and stained glass). The sun was shining but we drove through showers all the way to Kingwood. When we were nearly there, the rainbow that we'd been watching in League City reappeared and we could see the colors ending on the ground between our car and the stand of pine trees on the side of the road! We had to look several times to make sure that we were really seeing it touch the ground!! Maybe it was the way the sun was shining through the misty air maybe there is some really good explanation to what we saw. It was magical. What we didn't see was the pot of gold. I have to assume it's because we were on Hiway 59 headed north and it's so heavily travelled someone beat us to it. Somewhere there's a leprechaun with his pantaloons in a twist and two women still searching for his illusive treasure.

September 20, 2007

He's Too Sexy for His Shirt!

I fell in love again today! It was the darnedest thing too.

I took the week off to be totally unproductive (and have almost succeeded) and was planning to leave today to go see the grandchildren in F/burg. Unfortunately, the handle of my kitchen faucet fell off yesterday and I asked Mike if we could wait until tomorrow so he could replace the broken faucet today. Middle son informed me that we could probably still leave today as this was usually a simple job. Well, it wasn't!
After making three trips to Home Depot and a huge mess in the kitchen, Mike gave up the project and told me to call a plumber at 3:30. We found out that the leak has been going on for longer than we thought as the first shelf is rotted out. You wouldn't believe all of the cleaning products I had stored on the shelf. They were so far back that spiders had made a little home on one of the bottles. Gross!
For most of the day, I watched my senior citizen hubby crawl in and out of that cabinet under the sink, balancing a flashlight, crescent wrench and other sundry tools. He would back head-first into the shelf and work shirtless with his tools over his head while I stood there trying to figure out which tool he would be needing next. It was the sexiest thing I ever witnessed...or at least that I've witnessed in a long time. And it was fun to work with him on something around the house.

I'll have to remember that as I head into the kitchen and into that cabinet with my lysol and sponge!

September 4, 2007

A, B, C, D, E,......

I have to laugh...I read an AOL news headline which mentioned Jerry Lewis dropped the "F" bomb during the telethon. Now, I don't know what anyone else would think reading that, but the "F" word making those headlines wasn't the one that came to my mind. A certain minority group is up in arms and I'm sure there will be details at 10:00.
In my day we heard the "F" word in whispers, usually accompanied by giggles as even the explanation of the word didn't make sense to us. We absolutely knew better than to say it in front of grownups. Well, most of us did. One of my relatives asked another of my relatives what it meant and got a knuckle sandwich as an answer. Poor thing...we had to whisper and giggle the answer to that other relative at a later time. But said relative did learn not to mention it in the presence of adults again....ever!
At a party recently, I heard the word used repeatedly by people with no regard as to who was around with listening ears. Ladies, small children...didn't seem to bother anyone. I'm not so old as to feel that eons have passed since I first heard that crude term. But I was a child not so long ago and it pains me to think of how much society has changed in such a short time.
Can you imagine what the language of the streets will be when our grandchildren become parents? Get out the soap before it's too late!!

August 23, 2007

Cat ~ Without a Dictionary

Every now and again I check out an article on the AOL news that's tickled my fancy. At the end of alot of the articles there's a place to vote your opinion (like anyone in the universe really cares what I think about Britney buzzing her head). Way down below the vote is the place where cyberslugs can offer their opinion about the news item. anyone cares.
What is funnier to me than their actual comments, which often border on moronic, is their spelling. I read an article years ago about how teachers were abandoning the practice of teaching spelling as correct spelling can interfere with a young student's creative juices. At the time I thought it sounded pretty lame. After reading these posts, I'm guessing that the teachers went ahead with that plan and threw spelling books and lists out the window.
Even with that, you'd think that the writers (and I use that term in the loosest sense) would at least hit the spell check on their computers before they post their comments. I guess if spelling isn't important, why bother to correct it even if you have an "easy" button.
If u ken reed thiz think a teechur.

August 11, 2007

GREASE ~ You're the One That I Want!!

A friend sent me an email with a warning of the consequences of eating bacon has a silly picture of someone jiggling around in a fat suit. Does anyone use bacon grease anymore? That was my seasoning of choice all my life. Growing up we had a little silver can with a lid and after frying bacon for breakfast or sandwiches, the grease was never thrown out but saved like gold in the little can to be used in other foods. Seemed like a respectable way to recycle at the time and kept us from having to figure out what to do with a hot pan of grease.
We used it in pinto beans, green beans, squash fried with onions, and just about anything else we cooked in a pan. Everything got a dollop of bacon renderings which rendered the dish more than tasty. I don't ever remember hearing the words "cholesterol" or "nitrates". All I knew was that it tasted great!
When I married in 1971, one of my shower gifts was my own grease can. This one was red (my favorite color) and came with a set of salt and pepper shakers. It must have been the Cadillac of grease holders because it had a strainer. It held its coagulated treasure for nearly 20 years before developing a pinhole. I had to toss it about the same time that Mikey was diagnosed with heart disease. I thought it a curious coincidence.
Today, I still have the salt and pepper shakers, I still have Mikey, he still has heart issues, but the grease is gone. I miss my grease!

August 8, 2007

Raindrops on Roses, Whiskers on Kittens

Some things are just so enjoyable that they deserve a special place in your heart. One of those things is my Class of 66 email group. Several years ago, one of our enterprising classmates took it upon herself to start an email group of friends who had all graduated from high school together. This wasn't a small feat as our class was the largest to pass through Harlingen High at the time with around 500 students. Of course, there aren't that many who've signed up to be a part, but I think our percentage of participants would be above the norms if there was a place to figure all that out. I'd bet we have about 60 anyway. And whether they ever bother to type in a joke, opinion, or argument, they leave their names on the list. We one giant clique! Our reunions are the best...again thanks to our one special lady. We cruise together as schedules and $$$ permit. We are at the stage where we really appreciate each other's company. Maybe because we can all relax now that we're not worrying about a date for Saturday night.
Lately we've been meandering down memory lane and what a joy that's been. Remembering places we visited, restaurants that served us well, dates with someone special, teachers, hobbies, and escapades that we marvel at's all being discussed in short snippets that make for easy reading...and easy laughter. Every class from every school should be as blessed as we are. After reading the latest posts tonite (we're on to our favorite clubs/restaurants in the Mexican border towns), I'm feeling the love. Go Cards!

July 26, 2007


I am grappling with a new problem that I think has something to getting older, but I'm not sure. My lips are getting harder and harder to decorate. I don't remember having this problem even a year or so ago. I'm in the bathroom every morning in the world putting on my warpaint and when it comes to my lips, I am not doing one thing differently than I ever did. As long as I'm in the bathroom looking into my magic mirror, I look great!
Let me get out in broad daylight on the way to work and the person looking back at me in the car mirror isn't the same lady I painted up in the bathroom. My lipstick will be below my lip, up over one side of my upper lip, missing one whole little patch (upper and/or lower)...and I don't know why! I can feel my hand firmly gripping the lipstick and covering the appropriate areas. I have no idea why I wind up looking so out of whack. It's not all my makeup, just my lipstick.
I thought it might be my eyes. I just had my glasses redone and it didn't help. I look like a pathetic old lady...or a Lucille Ball wannabe. Maybe I'll think about getting them tattooed.

July 23, 2007

How Pathetic is This

I just noticed that I hadn't blogged in a month. It's not that I don't have anything to say...believe me, I have plenty to say. It does surprise me that when I get the time to sit and spin, all of the great things that have crossed my mind kept on going...right out of my pretty little head!
I vaguely remember wanting to mention something about illegal immigrants again, but it's gone. Maybe for the best. Then there was an update on my big deal that has had me under it's spell for a half a year. Finally closed, I'll get my $$$ tomorrow, and I'm not near as excited as I thought I would be. Maybe when the check hits the bank. I'll let you know if I break out in a happy dance at my desk. Then there's the grandkids, but how many times can I tell you how cute they are before you quit believing me. Just wait til I figure out how to post pictures here. The class cruise may sail without me, I haven't got my trailer for Sisters On The Fly, and my car still needs a tuneup.
I think its just summer doldrums setting in. Don't worry...something will tickle my fancy here before long. You'll be the first to know!

June 12, 2007


Just pausing a minute to acknowledge that Sunday is Father's, if you haven't bought a card or gift, there's still time.
I was blessed to have a father who taught me many things. I never thought of his as a financial genius but he managed to raise 4 kids who didn't realize how poor they were until they were grown. I'm sure Mom had alot to do with this.
I do remember his first financial lesson though. I was pretty young and he told me and my sibs and assorted cousins that he was thinking about buying some land and starting a turtle farm. He went on to explain that he would first take about an acre and build a maze on it with the path going back and forth. The boards wouldn't have to be larger than a 2 x 4 as turtles aren't very big. Once that was done, we'd all get to help collect turtles found trying to cross the road. We'd rescue them from being run over and give them a new life on the farm. All they had to do was journey through the maze eating little bits of lettuce while their shells grew. As they exited the maze, Dad would shoot them with a cattle prod and they'd jump out of their shells. Then, he'd put them back at the beginning of the maze and they'd begin the trek over again eating lettuce...and growing a new shell. We'd have a never-ending supply of shells.
So how would we make money with this? Why, we'd fill the turtle shells with concrete and sell them for doorstops...we'd be rich!
What a plan, what a dad! Happy Father's Day!

May 31, 2007

Clothes Call

No. 3 son is moving back home. Normally that wouldn't be a problem, but this time it is. I don't know how it happened, but when I embarked on my fantasy year selling real estate on beautiful South Padre Island with Baby Sister, I packed nearly all of my wearable clothes and headed south. While there, I bought a few things so I'd fit in better. I'd been advised that I needed to not look like an old lady. So I bought a few things. Fast forward to my move home and the Blazer was filled to the ceiling and doors with the things I'd taken down there, plus the clothes I had taken with me and the few things I'd I wouldn't look like an old lady. Once home I found myself shoving clothes into my old closet, part of Mike's closet, and the empty closet in the spare bedroom. Then No. 3 son dropped by and proceeded to empty the spare closet and now I have a 4 foot pile of clothes across the spare bed. Where did this stuff come from? My wedding dress I remember but what about this other stuff?
The girls at the office say if I haven't worn something for a year, throw it out. One of my Legion buddy's said toss after two years. I have my pettipants from 1966! Do you really think I'll throw away that cute short set from the 80's? Or the really nice jackets that didn't fit when they were given to me but might if I stick to my diet and join a gym? And what would I do if I took up quilting like my grandmother used to do and needed clothes to make the pieces out of?
Hopefully I'll rise to the occasion, but I'm not banking on it!

May 26, 2007

Memorial Day

Once again we pause to remember those who have given their lives for the cause of freedom. The headlines still greet us with casualties as our troops are fighting overseas to bring freedom to a society long dominated by heartless dictators. Like it or not, the graves are still being filled with patriots who gave all they could. The day we set aside to remember used to be known as Decoration Day. It began back in the Civil War days when families would go to place flowers on their loved ones graves. Some think the practice predates that time in history. Since it's inception, the government has changed the May 30th date to the last Monday in May so that government workers could have another long holiday weekend. While I'm not opposed to long holiday weekends, I am opposed to losing sight of the reason for remembering. I've read ads and watched commercials all touting the major retailers Memorial Day Sales and so far, all they've mentioned is that it's Memorial Day and they're having a sale. Hopefully by Monday, there will be at least a mention of the fallen men and women in an ad. Surely they won't just use this day to line their pockets. Surely not.
I will again be with the faithful few at the old Fairview cemetery in League City honoring our war dead and the vets who've passed away since their military service ended. I hope that our group will be joined by more and more people who aren't too busy to stop and think about the freedom they enjoy because someone was willing to pay the greatest price for their privilege. It's only right.

May 20, 2007

TV or Not TV

...that is the question. If I had any moral courage in this area, I'd chunk the tv out with last week's tv guide. But I don't. So, I'll just use my little forum here to grouse about the wasteland which becomes vaster everyday. Again, I'll complain about the left wing conspiracy to make Americans feel badly about gays, the war, and Christianity that is played out each week on Boston Legal. They're not even apologetic about the tripe they spew at the viewing public with such regularity that it makes it hard for me to enjoy the off the wall antics of Denny Crane. I watch it for the crazies, not because I need to be indoctrinated into the liberal agenda.

Then...there are the awful commercials I've seen lately. How in heaven's name did the stupid "SpongeBob No Pants" (showing a guy trying to convince his wife that standing naked with nothing but soap suds covering his altogethers) make it past the Burger King honchos? I believe the ad is aimed for children so it makes no sense to have a grown man standing there trying to be cute while naked. Am I missing something here?

I watched a commercial the past few days where a young boy shakes up a two liter bottle of soda and sprays his mother who in turn sprays him with the nozzle at her sink. I raised three boys and they wouldn't have to watch that commercial (for Viva paper towels) more than once to figure out that would be a fun experiment to try on each other. The commercial shows that all you need is one little sheet of Viva to wipe the smiling face of the young boy to clean up the mess. Any mother worth her salt knows better than that! And don't get me started on the Kohler commercial for a super toilet where the guy is trying to clog his toilet so a sexy female plumber can come fix it!!! He dumps tea lights, bottles of lotions and dog food into the can and flushes. I can't imagine some little kid trying to imitate that!!!

We used to just worry about responsible programming. Now, even the ads aren't safe!! Beware!

May 14, 2007

Does It Work?

I've been advised by several emails that tomorrow is the day to boycott gas stations (again!). I bought enough gas this morning to coast a little farther along for a couple of days. I was wondering if these boycotts really work. The email said it did, but I would think that if it was a significant amount of money lost, we'd see it on the news or in the papers. I haven't seen it mentioned either place...just online. Remember waiting for hours to pay $.70 per gallon? I never dreamed I'd look back on that as the good old days! With gas over $3.00 a gallon now, I'll do my part and not buy gas tomorrow and hope that someone notices. We'll see what Dave Ward says about it tonite at 10!

April 24, 2007

Back in the Saddle Again!

I'm back at my old stomping grounds, Lawyers Title in League City. This time I'm processing and it's a job that actually requires me to work...alot...with details! If you know me, you know that details aren't necessarily my strong suit, but I'm catching on. Alot of it is familiar territory and there's alot that's new and requires me to think. That's been good for my brain to be used again but it may also be the source of my headaches! Processing files for a title company is a service that most people won't use but a few times in their lives. Being in the background, there's not much glory here, people only notice if you screw a file up. I haven't done this long enough for that to happen, but I'm sure it's inevitable. I'll weather that storm when it comes, but I'm not fretting over it...not now anyway. And after the great word from my friend, Bro. Ron (see his link at the right-Son of a Preacher), I just may not worry ever again. Let me repeat a little poem that I haven't heard in years just in case you don't go check him out. Maybe it will help you not to worry.
Said the robin to the sparrow
I should really like to know
Why these anxious human beings
Rush around and worry so.
Said the sparrow to the robin,
Friend, I think that it must be
That they have no heavenly Father
Such as cares for you and me.
Good words from a good friend!

April 8, 2007

Turn Out the Lights..The Party's Over

Well, all good things come to an end and it appears that my South Padre Island Realtor days are soon over. I'll be moving back to League City and becoming responsible again. Not that that is a bad thing, but it's a little anticlimatic after the rush of going across the causeway to work everyday. Lots of people and things I'll miss. The people know who they are...some may feel a measure of relief as I'm pretty high maintenance. I'll miss the shrimp at Dirty Al's, the ranch dressing at Marcello's, tortilla soup at Durado's and fish tacos at Capt Ron's. If you're at the Island, try to eat at those places. I'll miss Friday nite lights...the fireworks at Louie's Backyard. I'll miss wearing flipflops...had to wear regular shoes most of today and my toes were screaming by the time I kicked the shoes off! I'll miss the great birding and beautiful sunsets and blooming yuccas and cactus. I'll miss being able to go to a small movie theater.
But...I'll get to be with my family and new grandbabies and work with a good friend. It's all good!

April 4, 2007

Just Wondering

You might think me racist and I'd think you were wrong. But watching the news tonight, I had to wonder...

The story was about some search up the Valley where the border patrol had rounded up a whole bunch of people here illegally and were searching (in the dark for Pete's sake) for more. A later "BREAKING NEWS" clip said that the search had been called off because the people who were last seen heading south to the border had been lost in the brush or something. The reporters even showed the forearm of one of the chasers that was all scratched from where he fell down and into alot of brush.

If people are here illegally (because they broke the law to gain entry here), is there some reason that they can't just be arrested in broad daylight when they sign up for welfare? How about when they register their kids for school or sign up for free medical care? How about when they apply for jobs here? Wouldn't that make more sense than chasing them around in the dark and endangering everyone?
Just wondering...........

April 3, 2007

Give Honor Where Honor is Due

Sunday afternoon I returned to the Valley from Houston where the Lacy family welcomed the 2nd new member of the new and improved Lacy gang . (Everyone is doing fine and the 3rd new member will arrive this coming Thursday...there WILL be pictures!).
I arrived home in time to attend the 25th anniversary of Christian Fellowship Church and the evening service where their founding pastors, Ron and Anne Corzine were honored. Rick Godwin of Eagle's Nest in San Antonio gave a wonderful exhortation explaining honor which was richly seasoned with anecdotes of his association with Pastor Ron. There was a sweet reception afterwards with the required cake and punch and fellowship which few churches do with the panache that CFC musters for special events.

I can quote pieces of his wisdom, his sermons, his encouraging words because they were food to my hungry spirit and a balm when I was wounded. He is a fine piece of iron when I need sharpening and a piece of work when I need a laugh. I can tell you about his vibrant wife and her alter ego, Miss Ima (a delightful puppet character). I can still picture her Oscar worthy performance as a cat princess in one of the Life Vision Christmas plays. Anne can never be accused of holding back!
For all you do, Ron and Anne, this blog's for you! Thanks for the memories!!!

March 20, 2007

True GRIT (Girl Raised In Texas)

I received this test on things about Texas from my friend JoAnn and had a few minutes to kill. I zipped through the first few brainers and was on my winning way to the end until I hit some hard stuff. As much as I admired and respected my 7th grade Texas history teacher, Miss Parker (who, by the way, saved her authentic Rebel Yell until the end of school...split many an eardrum), I don't think she ever taught me some of this stuff. I'd give you my opinions and insights, but it would spoil the test for you. I got an even 50% and some of my friends have done better. I've been sufficiently humbled for the day. See how you do...and report back!

March 10, 2007

At Least I Know Who to Blame

For Pete's Sake!!! It's not enough that they mess with my biorhythm every year with Daylight Savings Time...this year they've moved it up. I had a friend send me a reminder the other day and wondered if she'd been sitting at the computer a little too long. Sure enough, they're telling me that it starts tonight. I'm royally miffed! THEN, when I'm aggravated over the whole global, economic, moral and national liberties I think the Democrats are taking, I'm reminded (by the same friend with the computer) that this was all started during LBJ's reign. Again with the Democrats!! So, once more, our school children will be waking while it's dark and going to school at the crack of dawn so that adults can mow their yards at 9 o'clock at night. I just don't get it!!!
If I'm grouchy until the fall, at least you'll know why. Some of us miss that extra hour of sleep. Maybe if I skip lunch and move my watch forward at noon today I won't be so crabby. I'll let you know how that works for me!

March 2, 2007

Spring Has Sprung

We're looking down the barrel of Spring Break again. The city, in it's infinite wisdom, added medians down Padre Blvd highlighted with palm trees. They look nice, but it will be interesting to see how the breakers do with the changes in turning, stop lights in new places, and added markings for pedestrian crossings. I worry that they'll just have more things to look at and think about while driving (drunk or hungover) and I'll be a bigger target than I was last year.

I noticed too, that the Army has a big bunch of trucks set up for display over in the parking lot by Louie's and the bungee jump. I think there ought to be an automatic three day waver if they sign up anyone who's EUI...enlisting under the influence.

Budweiser and Miller have stacked their canned buzzes up to the ceilings nearly everywhere. I remember last year that their big delivery trucks sailed up and down Padre Blvd. like giant hooch armadas with amazing regularity. I wonder how they'll navigate the traffic and new medians this year. Everywhere you look there are beer bongs for $.99 and the tee shirt shops are properly stocked with risque slogans on shirts of every style and color.

The EMT's are ready, fire trucks shined, police positioned, and RV parks emptied of Winter Texans. Let the games begin!

February 10, 2007

I Will Survive

Like the song says..."I will survive." And I did! I turned 59 yesterday and woke up again today. How 'bout that? I remember my grandmother from when I was preschool and I thought she was ancient. She probably wasn't much older than I am now! Age must be a relative thing because I don't feel old. My friends don't seem old to me. Why, if you'd seen the party we had at our 40th reunion you'd have seen us rocking the night away and enjoying every minute...nobody looked old then. What's also interesting to me is that I felt older last year when I turned 58 than I did yesterday rolling over to 59. So, I might be getting older, but I'm not aging...and I don't intend to. I want to be vigorous enough to be like Caleb and take the mountain at 80; or like Sarah and fit enough to bear children at 90. Well, figuratively speaking. I'm facing a new decade next year...bring it on!

February 8, 2007

Well, Duh!

Just a quick note today. I was listening to Fox News this morning and among the stories they were broadcasting came the headline, "Illegal aliens feel they are being targeted by immigration." Well, duh! Isn't that the issue? They had kept their children from school fearing a roundup (just what border patrol needs it to round up a bunch of kids and then try and figure out where they live and who they belong to). Look, we're feeding and educating people's children who are here without proper documentation. Not that the children should suffer in any way. I just think it's pretty brassy to complain that you might get rounded up. If you're breaking immigration laws, doesn't that sort of come with the territory of being here illegally? I'm on a tear today!

February 6, 2007

Big Brother Knows Best

I took a minute yesterday and voiced an opinion. A good opinion to the Governor of the great state of Texas. It seems that he has decided that the HPV epidemic is so widespread that he needs to have young schoolgirls innoculated against it. Parents can opt out if they choose to keep their daughter from being injected with a fairly new drug. I'm incensed! I am tired of the government deciding what's best for my children (grandchildren). I went through the long lines at school when we willingly queued up for polio shots. I'm sure many lived were dramatically protected and saved. I know that we've since had to deal with doctors wondering what sort of other effects equally damaging might have been unleashed. And if you come down with a side effect unknown to them, well, golly gee, aren't we all sorry?!
I don't want to think that the Governor and Merck labs are in cahoots to boost Merck's profits on a drug that people haven't rushed to embrace (although Merck did make a minor contribution to the Governor's campaign fund). I'll overlook the other connections to our state government that Merck has. I'm not even saying that young, sexually active girls shouldn't have the protection and have it for free. What I am saying is that I don't like to see parental rights being run over in the interest of something that the government feels they should protect us from. Why not, as one friend has said, outlaw smoking and the money going to subsidize tobacco farmers if the govt. is really interested in health issues.
I could go on and on about people blindly giving away their rights. I just hope that if your daughter gets the vaccination, you had a part in choosing it for her.

February 2, 2007

Here's A Quarter... someone who cares! All of the hoopla over the Super Bowl is completely wasted on me. In the days of Tom Landry and Bum Phillips and even Bud Adams, we stood a chance of a Texas team playing. Not any longer...or at least not in a long time. And if Texas isn't in it...who cares. Certainly not I! I will probably watch at least part of the game this Sunday if they HGTV folks aren't showing a marathon of House Hunters. I could be mildly interested in the Bears winning as I believe that there is a player from Rio Hondo, TX on the team. Having a real Texas on a contending team is better than a stick in the eye. Even the half time show sounds like a yawner. If you read this, you might post the results here in the comment section. I don't want to watch, but I'd like to know the final score.

January 16, 2007

Do You Hear What I Hear?

We're already halfway through the first month of a New Year and I think I see a new trend...either that or I'm just not paying attention. Noticibly absent is all of the hype surrounding my weight. No one seems to care this year. Maybe they got the hint that I'm not near as concerned as they are so they quit trying. I haven't seen much of Kirstie Alley or Anna Nicole with their before and after pictures; only one gym encouraging me to work it off; and nothing for hydroxycut or anything else. I did manage to lose 10 pounds last year and they made a brief reappearance after the holidays. I could drop another 20 and be perfectly happy. But where's the cheering ads from television encouraging me that it's not only possible but I can have a great time doing it? It's kind of like a dog fight...I wouldn't want to see one, but it'd be nice to be asked!!