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February 28, 2006

Having a Heat Wave

Baby Sister, a new friend, and I had lunch at Kahuna Beach today. The tacos were wonderful! Talk turned from work to kids to hormones. The latter catagory took up most of lunch as we compared sweats, flashes and HRT. Seems that my own brand of relief from symptoms is made with horse urine. Now isn't that nice? Wonder who the guinea pig for THAT was? I can just imagine a bloated volunteer sitting in the doctor's office asking, "You're injecting me with whhhhaaattt???" You have to understand that when your ears are lighting up, you'll just about do anything to make it go away. The friend said that she went to the pharmacist and had him make up a synthetic concoction which barely worked but helped her drop the weight that the horse urine had packed on. She got off of it anyway after 20 years. Baby Sis won't take anything and prefers to just gut it out. Poor Baby Sis...poor brother-in-law!!

I'm wondering as I type this, where are all the brave men who faced this middle aged crisis before anyone could spell PMS? How did my grandfather deal with my grandmother when she was hot..........then cold..........then hot...then cold, then hot? What do you supposed Harry told Bess when she told him to turn the fan just on her? I admire these men who charted the course for understanding when their wives hit menopause. Today, women are doped up at the first sign of a temper tantrum and risk all sorts of bad things by medicating themselves through the change. We need men today who'll just stand up and let us slap the tar out of them! Are you out there?

February 23, 2006

Big Bang Theory

I'm getting acclimated to my new digs. Up until yesterday, I had no complaints. Well, maybe just a little one named Lady. She's my sister's huge yellow lab whose hidden agenda is to stand next to me no matter where I am and trip me. I think she's jealous that I've invaded her house and as a newcomer, have more privileges than she does. I can stretch out on the couch and she can't! And I smell better!

Anyway, yesterday I was half awake in the bathroom getting ready for work when this Big Bang jarred me into reality. I ran out the back door and looked up at the huge transformer located just on the other side of the fence. Hanging upside down like a cartoon character was a little red winged blackbird. least he didn't suffer. Janet called the power company who came out and had us up and running within 30 minutes. During the whole process, we noticed that all the other sparrows and blackbirds who come to feed at Janet's feeder sat like little mourners near the transformer watching the disposition of their late friend by some guy on a ladder.
End of story.

Until this morning. I had at least taken my shower when BOOM!!! Again my heart was jumpstarted by the shock and I ran out to see yet another red winged blackbird hanging upside down on a wire attached to the transformer. This one didn't fare as well and wasn't completely intact. I noticed his friends all viewing this tragedy from the neighbor's section of the powerline. At least they seemed to know not to get too close to the transformer. Now the power company is blaming the situation on something the birds must be doing to cause the power outtage. Right, blame it on the poor little birds!

I think that there is a loose connection and when a bird lands on the wire, he's toast. I can think of all sorts of lessons that could be learned here. I hope the power company or the birds learn those lessons pretty quick...another jolt and I might be looking for new digs...hmmmmm...I may have another theory!

February 13, 2006


I tell you, I'm just getting one revelation after another since moving to the island. Not all are particularly wonderful but most are. This latest one falls into the N.P.W. category.

Mikey came down this weekend to celebrate my birthday (thanks to all who sent cards and emails ~ you made turning 58 not so awful!). We went out to eat Friday at Dirty Al's which I recommend next time you're on the island. Saturday, Baby Sister cooked some "mankiller chicken" and was it ever lip-smackin' good. Then Sunday evening the party continued at Coral Reef, a little club around the corner from Baby Sister's place. They were having karaoke and you know I have a thing for mikes! I did my usual stuff and had a ball. New audiences are always fun. Then, this guy gets up. He's 65 if he's a day and has a beautiful head of white hair. He'd already offered decent version of "New York, New York" and I expected to hear another old standard.

He broke out in a rousing rendition of "Born to be Wild" followed by "Touch Me" by the Doors. Have you ever had a sense of motion when you weren't really moving? I had one of those sitting on the bar stool watching this old man singing a couple of the anthems of my era. It was just too weird! I didn't know whether to flash back or flash forward...I nearly fell off my perch. I applauded wildly when he was through because he hit most of the notes right and almost made me want to get up and dance. I gave him a "9". However, I think maybe I won't prance around so much next time I belt out my version of "You're So Vain."

February 8, 2006

Time & Tide

Chaucer said, "time and tide wait for no man." After two weeks on the island, I've discovered that to be true. "If you snooze you lose" is another great quote but I'm not sure where that came from and it doesn't sound near as classy as Chaucer. This place is smack dab in the middle of the land of manana, but I've pretty much stayed on the run since I landed here. I'm hoping to take my test next week...just got my okay from the state in the mail.

What's been rattling around in my head is that I considered, pondered, weighed pros and cons for months before making the decision to uproot myself and come down here to sell real estate. While I was home in my comfort zone, the pace was slow, predictable, and I had all the time in the world to think about things. Once the die was cast and I headed south, the time and tide issue began to loom large on the horizon. Every day I drive to work and pass the Realtor offices, see the signs, go on the tours and set up listing and showing appointments. Every day that I'm not licensed, I see the industry moving along without any regard of my intentions. I need to get this show on the road!!!

Whatever you're considering in life, keep in mind that the tide will roll in and then you can watch it roll away again. Today is the day to get up and take a class, make a change, color your hair, call that old friend, whatever it is that's been calling to your heart. Clocks will never run backwards and tides come and go ~ ready or not!!

February 2, 2006

Punxsutawney Phil Has Nothing on Me

Got up this morning, walked out on the patio and saw my shadow...didn't need a groundhog to tell me we're in for 6 more weeks of winter weather. Big difference is, Phil is in Punxsutawney PA and I'm on South Padre. It won't mean the same for me and the locals and the lucky tourists who chose February to come down. The weather is supposed to stay in the high 70's today and it's glorious.

I am concerned about the size of my shadow, though. Baby Sis and I have started walking and it's such a pleasure. I have found my comfort spot here because there are several people out walking at any given time of the day or night. What's better is that so many of them are similarly shaped like me and you know what? one notices. I think I might have died and gone to heaven!!!

Hopefully, my groundhog shape will soon morph into a svelte ferret. But down here, who cares?...the sun is still shining!