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October 27, 2006

Mea Culpa!

I did a really stupid thing today. I won't go into what exactly I did, but it was the dumbest thing on record so far! The minutes I did it, I was sorry...not just sad for my lack of judgment, but really, grieving type sorrow. I've apologized to the party concerned, but the point I wanted to make was that it made such an impression on me. An impression not to repeat that behavior...ever!
I've been reading The God Chasers by Tommy Tunney and I highly recommend it if you've noticed something missing in your walk with the Lord. One of the points that he so adeptly makes in the book is that coming face to face with God is not the same thing as being under the anointing. I've been in those very special situations where the anointing was strong, either on me or around me, and it is glorious. It's like the old song "Mountaintop" by Eve (did I spell that right?). You get under that cloud of glory and you never want to leave.
The book mentions Isaiah's encounter with the Lord (He was high and lifted up and his train filled the Temple) and the first thing he says is, "Woe is me, I am a man of unclean lips." The nearness of God is most uncomfortable for the flesh as God demands holiness. Isaiah is in no way comfortable with the magnitude of his vision. The angel comes down to Isaiah and touches his mouth with a hot coal from the altar of God.
I'm reading along, praying as I go that I could get beyond the outer court, the inner court, and into God's presence. I think it's working to a degree because I felt so inadequate, so guilty, so in need of a cleansing today. I'll never be perfect in this lifetime, but I'm at least striving to be made more aware than ever before of the areas when I need to repent. I'm not as near perfect as I've lead myself to believe! I'll get to that glorified state one day in heaven...but in the meantime, "Woe is me!"

October 24, 2006

Coffee with the Coots

We finally got moved into our new digs out at South Padre Island Golf Community. Actually, it's about 15 miles from SPI by road, less by boat. But who'd want to make a big trip to Laguna Vista for anything? The town has two churches, a police station, Pasquale's Italian food/pizza & karaoke on Fri & Sat AND a nice little deli. Some apts, condos and houses and the Golf Community. Not bad...but I digress.

Baby Sister's new place is on a man-made lake. You have wonderful views from one bedroom, the living/breakfast area, and the master. The first morning or two we were there we got to see the alligator which I thought was just a legend. Not so! He's about 5-6 feet long and according to the neighbor, probably has to eat about a half dozen ducks a day to stay healthy. If he's doing that, the ducks, whistlers and plain old ducks, don't seem to be too worried.

The other morning I had a few extra minutes and took my coffee out to the patio just to watch the activity on the water. No alligator, but the prettiest little coots. coots are in the duck family I guess...feathers, long bill and paddle around with webbed feet. But they are the Cadillac of ducks in my book. Their feathers appear to be very soft and grey. Their little heads are black and look like velvet. I do say they are the prettiest ducks on the lake. And my new morning coffee partners. Well, they will be when we get a new coffee pot and I can make coffee on a regular basis.

October 9, 2006

Endangered Species

I got to thinking about things you don't see anymore. I was on one of my nostalgia benders and along with Bass Weejuns, pop beads, and 8-tracks, I thought of something else that's in short supply these days. Bachelors. I'm not talking about the pretty boys they trot out on that riduculous reality show. I'm talking about confirmed bachelors. And, lest I be accused of being sexist, spinsters. (Ever notice that the tag for an unmarried male has class but an unmarried female just sounds pitiful?)

The last bachelor I knew personally was my brother-in-law. He was quite a piece of work...brilliant, handsome in his younger days, and freewheeling. He worked overseas alot and had some really good stories to tell about other cultures and how he viewed them. He wasn't gay and he wasn't weird although some might argue that last remark. He was very passionate about whatever intersted him at the moment, be it golf, the stock market, or high school sports. He was quite a guy who led a life that pleased him outside of conventional norms.

Unlike the old days, if you're not married by your 30's, society tends to look at you with that slight hesitation, "Are you in a closet?" At the least, you're pitied for not finding a mate and there's a tendency to set you up with everyone's friend...who usually has a great personality. We just can't leave well enough alone.

I don't know any bachelors you?