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December 4, 2006


Lest we forget...this is your timely reminder for the upcoming holiday that we should all celebrate as it is a life-changing event in modern society. You might think I'm talking about Christmas; but I refer to a little known holiday on Wednesday that is overshadowed by the larger spending spree going on during this time of year. December 6th is Microwave Oven Day. I hope you plan to buy ramen soup for all your friends and have them over. You can take turns nuking your bowl. I prefer to buy the kind in a cup rather than use a bowl I'll later have to wash.
Since I'm on a roll here, I'll also mention that the 13th is National Clip-On Tie day. Now's your chance to remind the recipients of all of those tasteless ties you've given through the years to get them out. Here's their chance to wear them. Should anyone ask them why, they can give the excuse of celebrating the holiday. Remind them to also blow the dust off of them before wearing.
Of course you'll be wanting to have guests over for high tea on the 16th as that is the day of the Boston Tea Party. On the 18th of December, slavery in America was abolished. Try convincing the mother of a large family of that! Then on the 21st, we celebrate the landing of the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock. It might interest you to know that the Pilgrims strictly forbade the celebration of Christmas. But they gave us Thanksgiving a year or so later so we can forgive them that. Want to keep up with this stuff? Click on your calendar if you have AOL and you can have it post historical facts, religious holidays, wacky days of note and more. How convenient! I must go...I have to send out a card for National Tick Tock day on the 29th!