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August 23, 2007

Cat ~ Without a Dictionary

Every now and again I check out an article on the AOL news that's tickled my fancy. At the end of alot of the articles there's a place to vote your opinion (like anyone in the universe really cares what I think about Britney buzzing her head). Way down below the vote is the place where cyberslugs can offer their opinion about the news item. anyone cares.
What is funnier to me than their actual comments, which often border on moronic, is their spelling. I read an article years ago about how teachers were abandoning the practice of teaching spelling as correct spelling can interfere with a young student's creative juices. At the time I thought it sounded pretty lame. After reading these posts, I'm guessing that the teachers went ahead with that plan and threw spelling books and lists out the window.
Even with that, you'd think that the writers (and I use that term in the loosest sense) would at least hit the spell check on their computers before they post their comments. I guess if spelling isn't important, why bother to correct it even if you have an "easy" button.
If u ken reed thiz think a teechur.

August 11, 2007

GREASE ~ You're the One That I Want!!

A friend sent me an email with a warning of the consequences of eating bacon has a silly picture of someone jiggling around in a fat suit. Does anyone use bacon grease anymore? That was my seasoning of choice all my life. Growing up we had a little silver can with a lid and after frying bacon for breakfast or sandwiches, the grease was never thrown out but saved like gold in the little can to be used in other foods. Seemed like a respectable way to recycle at the time and kept us from having to figure out what to do with a hot pan of grease.
We used it in pinto beans, green beans, squash fried with onions, and just about anything else we cooked in a pan. Everything got a dollop of bacon renderings which rendered the dish more than tasty. I don't ever remember hearing the words "cholesterol" or "nitrates". All I knew was that it tasted great!
When I married in 1971, one of my shower gifts was my own grease can. This one was red (my favorite color) and came with a set of salt and pepper shakers. It must have been the Cadillac of grease holders because it had a strainer. It held its coagulated treasure for nearly 20 years before developing a pinhole. I had to toss it about the same time that Mikey was diagnosed with heart disease. I thought it a curious coincidence.
Today, I still have the salt and pepper shakers, I still have Mikey, he still has heart issues, but the grease is gone. I miss my grease!

August 8, 2007

Raindrops on Roses, Whiskers on Kittens

Some things are just so enjoyable that they deserve a special place in your heart. One of those things is my Class of 66 email group. Several years ago, one of our enterprising classmates took it upon herself to start an email group of friends who had all graduated from high school together. This wasn't a small feat as our class was the largest to pass through Harlingen High at the time with around 500 students. Of course, there aren't that many who've signed up to be a part, but I think our percentage of participants would be above the norms if there was a place to figure all that out. I'd bet we have about 60 anyway. And whether they ever bother to type in a joke, opinion, or argument, they leave their names on the list. We one giant clique! Our reunions are the best...again thanks to our one special lady. We cruise together as schedules and $$$ permit. We are at the stage where we really appreciate each other's company. Maybe because we can all relax now that we're not worrying about a date for Saturday night.
Lately we've been meandering down memory lane and what a joy that's been. Remembering places we visited, restaurants that served us well, dates with someone special, teachers, hobbies, and escapades that we marvel at's all being discussed in short snippets that make for easy reading...and easy laughter. Every class from every school should be as blessed as we are. After reading the latest posts tonite (we're on to our favorite clubs/restaurants in the Mexican border towns), I'm feeling the love. Go Cards!