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September 20, 2007

He's Too Sexy for His Shirt!

I fell in love again today! It was the darnedest thing too.

I took the week off to be totally unproductive (and have almost succeeded) and was planning to leave today to go see the grandchildren in F/burg. Unfortunately, the handle of my kitchen faucet fell off yesterday and I asked Mike if we could wait until tomorrow so he could replace the broken faucet today. Middle son informed me that we could probably still leave today as this was usually a simple job. Well, it wasn't!
After making three trips to Home Depot and a huge mess in the kitchen, Mike gave up the project and told me to call a plumber at 3:30. We found out that the leak has been going on for longer than we thought as the first shelf is rotted out. You wouldn't believe all of the cleaning products I had stored on the shelf. They were so far back that spiders had made a little home on one of the bottles. Gross!
For most of the day, I watched my senior citizen hubby crawl in and out of that cabinet under the sink, balancing a flashlight, crescent wrench and other sundry tools. He would back head-first into the shelf and work shirtless with his tools over his head while I stood there trying to figure out which tool he would be needing next. It was the sexiest thing I ever witnessed...or at least that I've witnessed in a long time. And it was fun to work with him on something around the house.

I'll have to remember that as I head into the kitchen and into that cabinet with my lysol and sponge!

September 4, 2007

A, B, C, D, E,......

I have to laugh...I read an AOL news headline which mentioned Jerry Lewis dropped the "F" bomb during the telethon. Now, I don't know what anyone else would think reading that, but the "F" word making those headlines wasn't the one that came to my mind. A certain minority group is up in arms and I'm sure there will be details at 10:00.
In my day we heard the "F" word in whispers, usually accompanied by giggles as even the explanation of the word didn't make sense to us. We absolutely knew better than to say it in front of grownups. Well, most of us did. One of my relatives asked another of my relatives what it meant and got a knuckle sandwich as an answer. Poor thing...we had to whisper and giggle the answer to that other relative at a later time. But said relative did learn not to mention it in the presence of adults again....ever!
At a party recently, I heard the word used repeatedly by people with no regard as to who was around with listening ears. Ladies, small children...didn't seem to bother anyone. I'm not so old as to feel that eons have passed since I first heard that crude term. But I was a child not so long ago and it pains me to think of how much society has changed in such a short time.
Can you imagine what the language of the streets will be when our grandchildren become parents? Get out the soap before it's too late!!