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October 29, 2007

Electric Glide

I love the cooler weather of fall and winter. I embrace the darker, grey days as great sleeping weather. Just in time for great sleeping weather is the arrival back of the hour of sleep that the government robs me of every darned spring. I love this time of year! Except for one little thing.
I haven't figure out how to swivel out of my car and shut the door without getting jolted from the build up of static electricity. I rode with a friend today in her little convertible. She only had glass windows with no metal frame so I could go buy me a cute car like hers and avoid the problem. Except for one little thing.
Walking across the floor to same friend's office (she's actually a boss and a friend) I lean against her door and get jolted again. Darned static!!! I have to wear shoes, nothing rubber soled. I can't figure out how to not touch the door. You'd think that after a few times of getting buzzed, not in a good way, that I'd learn not to touch the door frame. But no, I'm still getting zapped.
So, I can't get out of the car, open doors, or touch anyone without the electricity charging through my system. I'm afraid of setting something on fire when I fill up for gas if I reach across the seat for my purse. If anyone has any idea how to fix this, please let me know. It's going to be a long winter!

October 7, 2007

No Pot Here!

I was driving over to the north side of Houston Friday afternoon with Susan to do a craft show (she's very talented with making jewelry and stained glass). The sun was shining but we drove through showers all the way to Kingwood. When we were nearly there, the rainbow that we'd been watching in League City reappeared and we could see the colors ending on the ground between our car and the stand of pine trees on the side of the road! We had to look several times to make sure that we were really seeing it touch the ground!! Maybe it was the way the sun was shining through the misty air maybe there is some really good explanation to what we saw. It was magical. What we didn't see was the pot of gold. I have to assume it's because we were on Hiway 59 headed north and it's so heavily travelled someone beat us to it. Somewhere there's a leprechaun with his pantaloons in a twist and two women still searching for his illusive treasure.