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July 26, 2007


I am grappling with a new problem that I think has something to getting older, but I'm not sure. My lips are getting harder and harder to decorate. I don't remember having this problem even a year or so ago. I'm in the bathroom every morning in the world putting on my warpaint and when it comes to my lips, I am not doing one thing differently than I ever did. As long as I'm in the bathroom looking into my magic mirror, I look great!
Let me get out in broad daylight on the way to work and the person looking back at me in the car mirror isn't the same lady I painted up in the bathroom. My lipstick will be below my lip, up over one side of my upper lip, missing one whole little patch (upper and/or lower)...and I don't know why! I can feel my hand firmly gripping the lipstick and covering the appropriate areas. I have no idea why I wind up looking so out of whack. It's not all my makeup, just my lipstick.
I thought it might be my eyes. I just had my glasses redone and it didn't help. I look like a pathetic old lady...or a Lucille Ball wannabe. Maybe I'll think about getting them tattooed.

July 23, 2007

How Pathetic is This

I just noticed that I hadn't blogged in a month. It's not that I don't have anything to say...believe me, I have plenty to say. It does surprise me that when I get the time to sit and spin, all of the great things that have crossed my mind kept on going...right out of my pretty little head!
I vaguely remember wanting to mention something about illegal immigrants again, but it's gone. Maybe for the best. Then there was an update on my big deal that has had me under it's spell for a half a year. Finally closed, I'll get my $$$ tomorrow, and I'm not near as excited as I thought I would be. Maybe when the check hits the bank. I'll let you know if I break out in a happy dance at my desk. Then there's the grandkids, but how many times can I tell you how cute they are before you quit believing me. Just wait til I figure out how to post pictures here. The class cruise may sail without me, I haven't got my trailer for Sisters On The Fly, and my car still needs a tuneup.
I think its just summer doldrums setting in. Don't worry...something will tickle my fancy here before long. You'll be the first to know!