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May 31, 2012

Get busy, Sara

Tomorrow is June 1st, beginning of the 6th month of 2012...and I've failed to reach one goal already.  After squeezing every nickel out of my meager funds last year I swore to either save $100 a month towards Christmas or purchase one nice gift per month for my immediate family.  That way December wouldn't be such a season of panic but a season of peace...financially anyway.  If I don't get a grip on things pretty quick, I may be betting on the Mayans come December!!


...BonneyJo said...

I used to have most of my Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving and paid off before Christmas, but the last couple of years I've been frantically trying to think of decent ideas for my family and friends. Do you think this procrastination has something to do with getting older? Lack of ideas? Lack of friends? Or just lack of money?

Sara said...

Lack of interest?? ~ ha!