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May 13, 2012

Everything Old is New Again!

It's been suggested that I dust off my blog and start posting again.  We'll see what happens as this whole place is different and I'm not sure yet what google has to do with it.  I agree with my friend, Bonney, that social media isn't so friendly if you want to post more than a recent trip to the grocery store or make vague innuendos about people you're unhappy with.  Besides, now we're all on the grid and Big Brother knows where we are and what we're thinking...and who we're mad at!!  It's late and my last Dr. Pepper is wearing off so I'll think about something interesting I've done or am planning to do and get back with details.  In the meantime, y'all be careful out there, ya hear??

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...BonneyJo said...

Waiting for your next installment.